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What best describes wellness?

To be well is to be healthy in body and mind. Wellness is an active pursuit associated with making good lifestyle choices and is linked to holistic health. The goal is to prevent illness and prolong life, as opposed to emphasizing on only treating diseases.

The National Wellness Institute promotes six dimensions of wellness. The dimensions of wellness are:

emotional, physical, social, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual.

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These wellness dimensions are fluid, personal, inter-dependent, evolving and they influence each other. Addressing all of the six dimensions of wellness in our lives builds a holistic sense of wellness and fulfillment.

Wellness is a connection of paths between knowledge and action. ~ Joshua Welch

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Best Wellness Products for 2022

Immune Support Supplement

Organic Black Elderberry Syrup – Concentrated Immune Support Supplement available for adults & children. This syrup tastes great and is a 32 day supply.


Gel Toe Stretchers

Gel Yoga Toe Stretchers – Endurance, balance, and mobility all depend on well-functioning toes. Soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes. Comes in a two pack, one for each foot. It truly helps with foot pain after wearing heels all day.

Learn about Naked Collagen supplements

Naked Collagen Powder – Silke adds Naked Collagen powder to her coffee every morning. Decrease workout recovery time, ease the pains of aging and helps you loose belly fat. Of course, collagen also promotes hair growth, healthy nails and skin.

Natural cooling Bamboo blanket

Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads – 100% Bamboo natural cooling blanket with premium glass beads. Available in 5 different colors & weight options. Improve your sleep by relieving stress and tension. Our daughter loves her lake green weighted blanket!

Bath bombs for overall wellness

Colorful Bath Bombs – 12 Extra Large Handmade Aromatherapy Fizzies with Essential Oil. Elevate your bath ritual and soothe your senses with these bath bombs. Add some fun color to your relaxing bath time. It’s best to rinse your bathtub right after taking a soothing bath to avoid slippery stains. 


Diffuser and essential oils

Aromatherapy – A room diffuser will boost your wellbeing all day and night. You feel good naturally with the beautiful Avon Pure Diffuser, an LED light-up diffuser with color-changing lights.  Infuse your environment with essential oils by releasing a fine mist into the air. Essential oils are a natural approach to self care.


More wellness products coming soon…

Happy online shopping! – Nick & Silke Jager

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