Sometimes, a reputable name is the decisive factor in choosing a certain merchandise for your needs.

Unfortunately, a decent reputation gained in the past is not always a good characteristic for customers. Today, we will look at the meal replacement shake produced by one of the top brands. Meet Herbalife review Formula 1 Shake.

Meet Herbalife Shake 1 Formula

The Company

The name of this international company is well known to people above 30. Younger users might be unfamiliar with the achievements of Herbalife in the health nutrition market. The company specializes in manufacturing quality products for weight management. Its assortment includes meal replacement shakes, snacks, and capsulated supplements. When we talk about shakes, we have to mention Formula 1.

Not the Race

Despite the similarity with the name of the world-famous racing championship, the shake cannot be characterized as an out of the ordinary supplement. It is marketed as a delicious drink to boost the energy of your body due to the supply of versatile vital nutrients. The peculiar feature of the product is the content of herbs and fibers to cope with food cravings.

Pros & Cons

If the merchandise is present in the market, it must possess positive sides to attract clientage. Some brands claim attention by price, others – by potency. In case of Herbalife, the shake is appealing due to its brand. Besides, the price is rather affordable compared to its alternatives. As for the quality, there are more cons than pros. First, the shake is packed with sugar. This fact cannot be called beneficial in terms of weight reduction. In fact, the amount of sugar equals the amount of protein. You must admit that 9 grams of the core nutrient are not enough for the merchandise marketed as a diet supplement. Another problem with Formula 1 is soy. Soy-based protein is not a good option regardless of your needs. If you are unaware of the possible danger associated with soy, you may find a lot of data on the web. A short list of adverse reactions includes kidney stones, brain damage, breast cancer and others.


The true opinion on the shake can be formed only on the basis of customer’s reviews. Actually, the verdict is not as bad as it may seem. The share of positive feedback prevails. Users are enthusiastic about the taste and texture of the Herbalife shake. Some users also admit a decent potency of the shake in terms of reduction of fat. However, such opinions are not often. Still, if you look at the Amazon rating, it has 4.1 out of 5 stars. It is not bad for the supplement available at around $40.

Is It Worth It?

Despite the controversial reputation of Formula 1, the shake enjoys popularity among customers. Unfortunately, soy is the major argument to scare off many clients. Still, the affordable price along with the moderate potency allow the shake to be one of the most sought-after supplements on the market. Naturally, it is not the best solution as you can find other brands offering  better quality if you have a larger budget.

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