Losing weight is a goal that the majority of us struggle to achieve.

But weight loss is essential, to avoid ailments and diseases connected with obesity and excess weight. Plus, a fit and healthy body is great for our self-esteem. Create the best diet for mental health and your confidence will soar.

With a healthy diet combined with a regular workout regimen, you can shed those kilos or pounds faster than ever!

Some Tips To Losing Weight Quickly

The internet is filled with numerous diets and work out tips that promise overnight results, yet more often than not they don’t prove to be effective for everyone. This is simply because our body’s needs are different, and most plans do not have universal applicability.

Best Diets For Mental Health

Healthy foods for a healthy diet.

There are certain practices that you can adopt to ensure your food intake is healthy, and targeted towards attacking and reducing the fat stored in your body.

  • Increase Fiber/Roughage Content in Your Meals

The first and foremost rule for a quick weight loss is to replace fatty food and carbohydrate rich food with fibrous food.

Fibrous food contains a lot of roughage. Put simply, these are foods—vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, legumes, and seeds—that your body can’t digest completely.

Fiber can be of two kinds: insoluble, which assists the digestive system to pass food, and soluble, which aids fat elimination and helps in lowering cholesterol.

When you include soluble fiber into a major part of your diet, the sugars and fats digest in your body at a slower rate. This ensures a long and steady supply of energy unlike foods that lack fiber.

In fact, a research by the Harvard Medical School found that women who increased their consumption of high-fiber foods over a 12-year period were half as likely to become overweight as those who reduced their intake of such healthy foods.

High fiber food and roughage rich foods also add bulk to the meal and help the body digest food quicker and also help in feeling full for a longer period of time. This leads to suppression of appetite.

The easiest way to include the fibrous foods in your meals is to replace white rice, bread, and pasta with brown rice and whole grain products. 

Experimentation with wild rice, barley, whole-wheat pasta, and bulgur is also encouraged.

The high fiber alternatives are not easy on the pocket but you might like the taste of such food more than the mainstream fatty food. 

Refined carbohydrates like refined flour should be avoided at all costs. These are exceptionally difficult to burn off and they get accumulated in your body.

Take All Natural Appetite Suppressants

Supplements like PhenQ that are composed of micronutrients go a long way in ensuring that the body gets the required nutrients, while suppressing hunger. These supplements also make sure to increase your metabolism, boost fat burn and promote weight loss.

However, the importance of a ‘calorie deficit’ diet for effective weight loss cannot be understated.

  • Ensure A Calorie Deficit Diet

It’s important to keep in mind that often people follow a diet plan which only helps in maintaining their weight and doesn’t actually lead to active weight loss. 

This usually happens when they consume just enough calories, the body needs on a daily basis. Calorie deficit is when the intake of calories is lower than the calories required by the body. This leads to a deficit which results in aggravated weight loss.

Another great hack is for you to regulate your eating patterns. Intermittent fasting, eating a greater number of meals while lowering the quantity of those meals are some examples of eating patterns that can contribute to your weight loss goal.

  • Eliminate Sugar and Refined Fats

The golden rule for losing weight is to eliminate sugar completely. Sugar is the biggest hurdle between you and a flat tummy as it leads to excessive weight gain.

To ensure a diet free of sugar, alternative natural sweeteners like jaggery can be used.

Desserts should be replaced with fresh fruits as fruits are naturally sweet and are extremely healthy.

  • Trying Specialized Diets that Suit your Body

A sure shot way to reduce weight is to resort to a specialized diet program that is especially designed for you. You must however, consult your dietician or nutritionist before embarking on a specialized diet. 

Some popular examples of Specialized Diets are: 

  1. Keto Diet

The diet involves drastically limiting the intake of carbohydrate and instead replacing it with healthy fat. 

The diet works by ridding your body of its sugar reserves. Due to this, it will start to break down fat for energy. 

This further results in the production of molecules called ketones that the body can utilize for fuel. 

This depletion in carbohydrates puts your body into an aggravated metabolic state called ketosis. The burning of fat actively promotes weight loss.

  1. Paleo Diet

To accurately follow the paleo diet, you need to consume the same foods that your hunter gatherer ancestors did before discovering agriculture.

The idea behind the diet is that most new age ailments can be linked to the new found western diet and the intake of grains, dairy, and processed foods which are rich in trans fats. 

Thus, reverting to foods that were consumed before these entered our lives, can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Studies show that this diet can aid in significant weight reduction and a reduced waist size.

  1. Vegan Diet

Veganism dictates that no product derived out of animals should be used or consumed. The reasons behind this diet are not purely weight loss.

However, this diet has seemed to be very fruitful in assisting people in losing weight, because it contains constituents which have very low-fat content.

The diet encourages consumption of high fiber content, which may make you feel fuller for longer, thereby helping in ensuring calorie deficit and eventual weight loss.

  • Inclusion of Superfoods in Your Daily Diet

Superfoods are foods that are extraordinarily effective in making you lose weight thanks to their fat burning properties. 

These are foods which have been universally deemed as effective and therefore earn their title fairly.

Some well-known examples of superfoods are:

  1. Green Tea

An average cup of green tea contains just 2 calories and hence becomes an extremely helpful beverage to consume. 

It satiates the craving of a hot beverage and is remarkably less in calorie content when compared to coffee or tea.

  1. Avocado

Even though avocado contains calories, they extensively aid in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and plasma triglycerides. They also have a stomach-filling quality and satiate hunger in a healthy manner.

  1. Bananas

One of the most simple and tropical fruits, bananas are a weight loss gem. It aids in lowering calorie consumption. A single banana has 121 calories and helps fill your stomach up better than when compared with other foods which have higher calories.

In Conclusion

According to weight loss experts at Can Fight Bac

“A healthy diet is extremely important if you wish to lose weight”.

You should also read up on physical exercises and health supplements that can help in weight loss. The most effective diet for you is the one that works best for you and boosts your health!

Have you struggled with weight gain and has it affected your mental health? Please leave us a comment. We would love to hear your story. 

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