Before understanding how probiotic food can help your body, it is important to understand what probiotic food is.

In the simplest of terms, probiotic foods are foods that boast of active bacteria microorganisms. The word ¨probiotic¨ is made of two Greek words. The ¨pro¨ in probiotic signifies promotion and ¨biotic¨ when translated means life. Therefore, the word expresses the promotion of life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), any bacteria-containing food that is beneficial for one’s health when ingested can be deemed probiotic. Contrary to popular opinion, not all bacteria are bad for you. And, the good bugs found in probiotic food can help your body in many ways. Without further ado, here are 4 ways that probiotic food can help your body!

Probiotic Foods To Add To Your Daily Diet

1. Helps in weight loss

According to a study conducted by researchers from the esteemed, Stanford University, in 2006, people who are obese tend to have different gut bacteria to those who are fit, indicating that gut flora plays an instrumental role in the contribution of one´s weight. And, according to scientific research, probiotic food aids in helping people lose weight; it is also beneficial for those who are determined to maintain their weight.

Probiotic food is especially beneficial for those who are looking to reduce their waist circumference.

2. Helps improve immunity

According to scientific research, the consumption of probiotic food also aids in boosting immunity levels. The good bacteria found in abundance in probiotic food plays an instrumental role in stimulating immune response. Scientific reports have shown that people who drink fermented dairy drink enjoy the benefits of increased production of lymphocytes, telling us that probiotic food helps in improving immune response.

3. Beneficial for your digestive system

The intake of antibiotics often results in the destruction of bacteria—bacteria that help us digest food. Therefore, it is not uncommon for medical practitioners to prescribe probiotics to patients that suffer from digestive problems. In addition to that, probiotic food can also help people suffering from various conditions such as cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, and constipation.

If you consume probiotic food, the influx of good bacteria will aid in crowding out bad bacteria and prevent them from causing harm.

4. Improves urinary health

Over the years, many types of research have been conducted to identify the benefits of probiotic food. And, one of the major benefits of probiotic food is that it helps improve urinary health. The good bacteria in probiotic food crowd out the bad bacteria on the tract´s adherence sites and prevent them from causing harm to the urinary tract.

Urinary tract infection is a common condition among people especially women. Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer the consequences brought forth by the condition, you must include probiotic food in your diet!

So, what are you waiting for? You should do everything possible to include probiotic food in your diet right this instant! For more information on probiotic food, you should consider visiting the site; paleo

Do you include probiotic food in your daily diet? Which probiotics are your favorite to promote healthy living and a well balanced lifestyle. Leave us a comment below.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways That Probiotic Food Can Help Your Body”
  1. I don’t kow if your blog allows for product endorsements, but as acustomer my new fav is Lifeway’s organic “Kefir Cups”: 90 calories that pack 11g of protein adn 40% of the recommended calcium intake. They have 12 different types of probiotic cultures in them too. The packaging has a separate place for the add-in flavorings, so you can add as much or as little as you want. I love the strawberry rosehip vaiety. In my area, these sell for $1.98–not cheap, but a convenient hack for a quick, nutritious, portable food. Unfortunately, the large, flavored Lifeway kefir bottles add too much sugar for me.

    1. Thank you Barb for your recommendation. I have never tried Kefir before, usually I just have a Greek yogurt or quark to add probiotics to my diet. I’m sure to give Kefir a try, the strawberry rosehip sounds great.

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