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Kitchen & Cooking Products

Keurig coffee maker

Keurig Brewing System 

Back in 2011 Nick was wondering if the Keurig was still a hot item for Christmas. Well… it must be since Nick’s parents received a Keurig Brewing System not that long ago and single serve K cup are available from a ton of different coffee brands in lots of unique flavors. The prices have dropped on the Keurig machines making it a great kitchen addition and last minute gift.

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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 

100% certified organic Matcha increases energy and focus, lifting your vitality and concentration with the slow release of nutrients. We didn’t even know what Matcha was until our daughter told us about it. This is a big bag of culinary grade green tea powder.

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Boker ceramic knife

Boker Ceramic Utility Knife 

With Boker’s strong German history of making high quality knives, we figured we were guaranteed a superior product… we were not mistaken! The blade is still very sharp after cutting a ton of vegetables and the ergonomic handle has been a ‘hand’ saver.

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Ceramic vegetable peeler

Boker Ceramic Vegetable Peeler 

I have spent too much money on cheap peelers over the years, not to mention the aggregation it cost me. This ceramic peeler is ultra sharp and has a soft-touch handle. I use mine almost daily and we have given these ceramic peelers to our kids, friends and Nick’s mom as gifts.

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Silicone Gloves

Silicone Cooking Gloves 

A lot of different companies sell these gloves.. they’re all the same just with different names printed on them. These bright orange gloves for cooking, baking and grilling are highly heat resistant and comfortable to wear! This offer comes with a set of free meat claws.

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Krups Espresso Machine

Krups XP1000 Espresso Machine 

Believe it or not… we use this little machine almost every afternoon and love it! No more take out coffee for us adds up big over time. This little espresso machine is perfect for two, is easy to use and stands the test of time.

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Products For The Home

Vinyl Stickers DIY Project

Vinyl Happiness Wall Stickers 

It was a Pinterest pin that caught our eye a while ago, showcasing the vinyl wall stickers that were available for any type of room. We choose this ‘Happiness Is Being Home Again’ design with tree branches and flowers. Read our review see the outcome and to get hanging instructions.

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Tips for finding a house and pet sitter

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door 

Read our review to find out how we trained Lily to use her plastic pet door. Once she got a hang of it she loved it. This high-impact pet door lets your dog or cat go in and out as it pleases.

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YellowBirds window bird feeder

Window Bird Feeder 

It took a little while but we have little birds in our clear feeder every morning now. This bird feeder is made of lightweight, see through acrylic which makes bird watching easy. Simply attach the suction cups and watch bird from the comfort of your favorite room.

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Bike Storage Rack

Stoneman Freestanding Bike Rack 

This bike rack was easy to assemble, Nick had it together in no time, and holds our Trek bikes nicely. It’s constructed of solid steel with black finish and the sturdy 24-inch by 22-inch base prevents the rack from tipping over.

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Electronic Products

Acer computer

Acer Touchscreen Computer 

We have two Acer Aspire computers and love them!  One was purchased in 2012 and the other one just a few months ago. They’re light weight, inexpensive, dependable and easy to pack up for traveling. The newest Acer Aspire is a 2-in-1, 11.6 inch HD touch-screen convertible laptop. Take a look:

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Great Underwater Camera

Pentax Underwater Camera 

This Waterproof Digital Camera was a birthday present before out trip to Belize. Take a look at our review to see pictures and videos for a small sample of what this camera can do. It’s super easy to set up and a lot of fun!

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Smart Phone Glass Protector #intelliglass

IntelliGlass Screen Protectors 

Ultra clear screen protectors are designed for maximum transparency and touch sensitivity. The way your HD display is intended to be viewed! We’ve used them on our phones since June 2015 and don’t have a scratch on them. They work!

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Kindle Fire e-reader review

Kindle Fire 

I love my Kindle Fire and use it daily, usually I read at night before falling asleep. The Fire has a new interface and Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience with lots of free apps and games. The Kindle Fire is now available for under $50!

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Canon sx40 camera

Canon SX40 Camera

We had been looking at digital cameras for quite awhile, online and in stores, before making this Canon camera purchase in Germany a few years back. It’s still a great camera today! We use it for most of our videos and on-the-go shots. It’s lightweight and very easy to use.

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Hobby Items & Tools

Lay your head in a Coleman tent

Coleman 4 Person Tent 

We’ve used Coleman camping tents for many years now. The Liberty Mountain Sports Sundome tent comes in a light green color that blends in well, is easy to set up and it’s perfect for two adults plus extra room to keep your clothes dry.

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Thule bike rack

Thule Bike Rack 

Get your bikes out of the car trunk and carry them securely with the Thule Passage 2 Bike Strap Rack. This rack attaches securely to your trunk with six adjustable nylon straps. The straps hold the carrier firmly to your car without scratching it. We’ve had our Thule bike rack since 2011 and still love it!

Glass gems for crafting

Glass Gems 

We use amber colored glass gems for our recycled bottle lamp projects. They are perfect for hiding the electrical cord when used inside the bottle or they can be glued to the outside. These glass gems are also perfect for vase fillers, table scatter and various craft projects.

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Silke arrives at Little Monkey Caye

Ocean Kayak 

We didn’t actually buy these kayaks but were able to use them for several months in Belize. We paddled them to nearby Cayes and to the Monkey Village to buy supplies. If you’re looking for big fun in a compact kayak – check out the Frenzy Ocean Kayak.

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Books & Learning Tools

Icebound - A novel by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz Icebound 

The arctic night is endless. The fear is numbing. Screams freeze in the throat. Death arrives in shades of white. And cold-blooded murder seems right at home. Dean Koontz is one of our all-time favorite authors and this scary novel is a perfect example why.

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Language learning tools

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Tool 

Nick has been to Germany twice and didn’t understand a word. With Rosetta Stone’s easy to follow interactive tutorial he was able to start simple conversations with me in German after only three sessions.  Are you ready to take your language learning to a new level?

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