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In 2007 Nick & Silke Jager created an online presence for Jager Foods. It has been a Premier Digital Lifestyle Blog dedicated to Travel, Food, Home, Wellness and Lifestyle ever since!

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Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

It boasts of many beautiful sceneries, cultural sites, shopping centers, museums, and beaches. Due to the current pandemic, Morocco took precautionary measures of closing its borders to citizens from other countries so as to maintain its low rate of pandemic infection. Is Morocco Open to US Travelers, and what safety measures should one bear in mind when traveling to the country? Tourists seek travel information before the trip, and this is one of the frequently asked questions by US Citizens willing to travel to Morocco. Gradually, they are opening the country to visitors across the globe. You can find out if you are eligible to travel to Morocco online from the travel lists update.

But before you plan to visit Morocco for business or leisure, below are some of the safety measures you should bear in mind:


  • Download the Covid 19 app to ease contact tracing and fill a health form online.
  • Obtain confirmation for your hotel reservation.
  • Adhere to health screenings at the entry points and present a negative PCR test done within 72 hours.
  • Wear facemasks and adhere to the standard 1.5 meters social distance.
  • For business travel, a printed invitation card from a Moroccan company is required.

There is no quarantine period once you land in Morocco, so that eases your travel expenses. You should get insurance coverage that includes Covid 19 during travel to any country. It is not mandatory in Morocco but may apply to other countries. Remember to check the curfew restrictions in the country and intercity or interregional travel restrictions. United citizens and other travelers enjoy visiting Morocco because there is plenty to do, see, and experience.

2 Day Tours in Morocco

 Here are some of the attractions in Morocco

  1. Imperial cities

 Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, has many historical sites such as the famous Old Medina, Royal mausoleum. Other imperial cities of interest are Fes, Marrakesh, and Meknes. 

  1. Geographical features

Mountain ranges and ideal hiking locations in Marrakesh will ensure that you create memories of the exciting Morocco country. You may also enjoy some time along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean beaches. The Sahara Desert is also a popular attraction and ideal for filming. 

  1. Exquisite architectural sites, shopping, and excellent accommodation

Travelers will enjoy shopping in the various souks around Morocco and visits to traditional Riads and religious centers. They will also enjoy excellent accommodation and exotic cuisines. Though Morocco has diverse cultures, the citizens are tolerant and kind to each other. They are very hospitable to all visitors too.

Visiting morocco at least once in a lifetime should be a dream come true for you. There is no communication barrier since the country speaks English and French as the principal official languages.


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