Follow along on our photo tour filled with travel tips as we discover Emden in the Northern-western part of Germany.

After our first three day train trip to the Bavarian Alps region in Southern Germany, we wanted to head North for a few days. The little seaport town of Emden was the perfect destination for us. Easy to get to by train, we found another great deal from the Deutsche Bahn that included a two night stay at a wonderful hotel, with lots of local attractions. Emden is a city in Ostfriesland, a region in Lower Saxony in the extreme north-west of Germany. Scroll down to see pictures and a video to hear the Glockenspiel (chimes) of Emden.

Nick and Silke on the train to Northern Germany

Emden is a very pretty little town with red brick houses. There is a harbor in the center of town, a ship port and waterways (grachten) that weave their way through different parts of the town. According to Wikipedia, Emden is a town and seaport in Lower Saxony on the river Ems.

The exact founding date of Emden is unknown, but it has existed at least since the 8th century. These days the main industries in Emden are automobile production and shipbuilding. Volkswagen runs a large production plant just outside town making VW Passats.

Harbor in Emden Germany

At the Emden harbor you can purchase tickets for a 30 minute harbor tour, a Grachten (canals) boat tour, as well as boat tickets to several of the outer islands like Aurich, Ditzum and Borkum. Check for available dates and book your ticket online at AG EMS.

Emden Harbor Walk

Statue of the “Emder Delftspucker”

Shops in downtown Emden, Germany

Downtown Emden has a fairly large car free walking zone with lots of little shops, cafe’s with outdoor seating, restaurants, statues and lots of greenery.

The city of Emden emblem

Downtown Emden In Northern Germany

City Hall In Downtown Emden – Find out about upcoming activities on and around the Delft

Waterways in Emden, Germany

Emden’s picturesque canals and the harbor invite you to take a trip through the “Venice of the North”.

The little town of Emden has a lot of history. In the sixteenth century it was the most important haven for exiled Dutch Protestants. In the book ‘Emden and the Dutch Revolt‘ you can read about Exile and the Development of Reformed Protestantism, if that is something that interests you.

Now, take a look at this short video to hear Emden’s Glockenspiel (chimes) and to get a look at the harbor:

Upstalboom Parkhotel In Emden

During our short stay in Emden we stayed the Upstalboom ParkhotelIt is located on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße which is about 20 minutes by foot from the train station and a short 5 minute walk from the downtown area. The hotel has a nice outdoor seating area which is right next to a road which is pretty busy during the day but quiets down at night.

All of the staff at the Upstalboom was very friendly and helpful. Our room was roomy and clean with a nice bathroom and a very comfortable bed. We had half board which included a nice breakfast buffet as well as a huge dinner buffet or our choice of a 2 course meal (first night) or a 3 course meal on the second night. We opted for the buffet and were not disappointed. The food was wonderful both nights!

Dinner at the Upstalboom Parkhotel

We highly recommend the Upstalboom Parkhotel in Emden.

Upstalsboom Parkhotel Emden

Train Trip To Norderney and Hamburg

While we were in Northern Germany we made it a point to visit the island of Norderney as well as taking a side trip via Deutsche Bahn (train) to the ‘Hansestadt’ Hamburg (hanseatic town of Hamburg). Take a look at our travel pictures then scroll down to leave us a comment…

On the ferry to the island of Norderney

Nick is posing on the ferry Fresia III to Norderney. Get ferry information here..

Norderney ist eine der Ostfriesischen Inseln

Enjoying a summer day at Norderney's Beach

The Norderney beach at summer. Yes, it was chilly enough to wear a jacket.

Beautiful Norderney Island in the summer

We had a fun and relaxing day on the island of Norderney. We found a quaint little restaurant off the beaten path and scrolled through some of the tourist shops. You can find out more about this beautiful ‘Kurort’ on the ‘Norderney- Meine Insel‘ website.

Nick and Silke visit Hamburg, Germany

The next day we made our way back to Schweinfurt but not before stopping off in Hamburg. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and was the home for Silke’s mom for several years while she was a child. A tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers, we found ourselves in a hub of activity. The day was rainy but we still were able to find our way around the shopping district and the Hamburg Rathaus (city hall or town hall). Visit the official website for the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Enjoying Hamburg Germany In The Rain

With a little time left and the weather being uncooperative, we decided to sit back with a drink and enjoy the Northern German atmosphere that was all around. From people coming and going out of the many shops to the workers putting up a stage for an event that would happen over the weekend, we felt quite content to sit and watch the view.

Sitting in the rain in Hamburg drinking beer.

Drinking a beer in the rain. Prost!

We thoroughly enjoyed our three day trip with the Deutsche Bahn to the Northern part of Germany and have our next trip booked already. This time we’ll head to the East into the Czech Republic to visit the city Prague.

See more pictures of Germany in our Photo Gallery

Have you been to Emden in Northern Germany’s Ostfriesenland? Leave us a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Visiting The Seaport Town Of Emden In Northern Germany”
  1. I’ve been to Emden maybe 7 times love it,glad you enjoyed,I am planning to go next summer stay a month in a airb&b or with a relative,I’m trying to find short trip out of Emden to the passion play like for 3 days (I’ve been all over Germany)❤️ But having hard time to find a trip

    1. Hi Thelma, Are you talking about the passion play in Oberammergau? You could fly from Bremen to Munich, and then take a train or bus from Emden to Bremen and from Munich to Oberammergau. A Flixbus ticket from Emden to Munich is also available for around $40 one way.

      Emden is a great place to visit, you are very fortunate. Did you know they put up an OTTO traffic light recently? (Otto is a famous German comedian.) Such a fun town! We’re hoping to go back to Germany next year as well.

    1. Thank you Carrie! We’ll be back in Alexandria for a few days in September, maybe we’ll run into you then. We’ve even toyed with the idea of moving back, if we do, you’ll be the first to know.

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