This travel organizer for your smart phone will make your life easier.

One of the most annoying parts of planning trips is having to get all your documents together – passports, hotel bookings, plane tickets, car rental vouchers. Usually, you spend a lot of time navigating various websites to take care of each aspect of your trip, and it can result in a cluttered itinerary with you constantly switching between websites on your phone, or flipping through paperwork trying to make sure you’ve got your timetables right.

Luckily, there’s an app that’s recognized this difficulty that travelers often encounter: Traxo, the Travel Organizer. Available on both Android and iTunes, the app serves as a hub for all the arrangements you could be making for your trip. Its creator, Andres Fabris, said, “Because the travel market is so fragmented — people book flights, hotels, car rental, ground transportation, restaurant reservations and activities across many different travel sites — it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of all those details. Traxo simplifies all that; we’re the one-stop shop to manage all those important details, so you can travel organized, relax and focus on enjoying your trip.”

Traxo Makes Going on Trips Easier
Mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many travelers. Gaming Realms, the company behind Total Gold, has said that growth in mobile internet is one of the strongest trends on the internet landscape, with more than 1.75 billion people now using smartphones. An app like Traxo makes it so people don’t have to worry about going to multiple websites on their phones, plus making arrangements via the app is also a breeze. By taking note of your preferences and reviews you’ve left on the websites you’re using, the app is able to display different suggestions for hotels and other things to add to your itinerary.

Traxo even takes note of where you are and immediately adjusts to your needs. For example, when you arrive at the airport for departure, it immediately displays your flight details. Upon arrival, booting up the app will give you your car rental or public transportation schedule. Once you get on your car, driving directions to your hotel are displayed on the app. You can even share your travel plans with friends and family using the app.

Traxo is completely free, and they’re in the process of launching a new website that lists all the great features this app has. If you’re planning a trip in the near future, consider using Traxo to help make your trip more streamlined and hassle-free.

2017 Update: Flight Alerts. Travel itineraries. Points Tracking. Free. For iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web.

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