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Travel Agents Add Value To Your Vacation In 2017

Travel agents are valuable because there’s no do-over for a vacation gone wrong.

But don’t just take my word for it… in this article I will list 6 ways a good travel agent can add value to every minute of your vacation, even in 2017.

Nick and I travel a lot! This year alone we have traveled all over the Big Island of Hawai’i, stayed on Oahu, have been to Canada, and now live in Germany and several other European countries for the summer months. In the fall we will head back to the mainland to visit several states before going home to Tennessee in time for the Christmas season.

We understand how to plan our trips effectively and that there is always an element of risk. Every time you travel somewhere you are dependent on Mother Nature and a complicated machine to work together. For us to consider becoming travel agents or cruise planners isn’t really all that far-fetched, but rather a natural progression. From house sitter to care-taker to cruise planner? We’ll see, but before we can begin a new chapter in our lives we need to close the current one. So our research continues…

Here are six ways a good travel agent can add value to your next vacation:

Why to use a travel agent in 2017

1. A travel agent always stands in your corner

A professional travel agent or cruise guide will be standing in your corner, working for you. From the minute you contact him or her until you return home safe and sound. Your agent is your travel planner, your advocate, your guardian angel, and even your defense attorney if need be.

2. Choose the best destination for you

The average traveler visits 20+ websites and spends countless hours sifting through deals and reviews. A good travel guide will figure out what you like and what you don’t like by asking you the right questions. This will also keep you safe since travel agents stay abreast with world news so they can warn you if there is illness or danger in a location you consider visiting.  All of this will help point you in the right direction for your perfect vacation destination.

3. Get your paperwork done correctly

Applying for a new passport and understanding a foreign countries visa laws and regulations can be daunting. A travel agent will make sure that you have all of your needed paperwork and if you need to renew your passport before your trip. For example, travel professionals will know which countries will not let you enter if your expires in the near future.

4. Travel agents can save you money

Although travel agents sell their services, not discounted prices, they can still save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars by finding you special promotions. If you’re traveling in a group, for instance, they can get you a nice discount and special amenities. Plus, a travel agent or cruise planner will know when it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance, taking your age, health and existing medical coverage into account.

5. Find you that once in a lifetime experience

Travel agents know about the next big thing in 2017 and which must-see vacation destinations are hot. So you will be one of the first to visit. You’re not very likely to find these by searching online yourself. Also, cruise planners know which ships are overbooked and can steer you towards a true vacation of a lifetime.

6. Score you some extra perks

Travel agents travel a lot and live by the connections they make. They have contacts in many different cities around the world. Often they can get you free excursions, hotel spa visits or room upgrades or even after-hour access to popular sites.

Using a travel agent is not just a smart thing for people without a computer. Even in this age of connectivity and instant access to thousands of travel sites, without a travel professional by your side you are on your own and might loose out on an awesome vacation.

Are you ready for your next trip or summer vacation? Learn how to pack your suitcase like a pro.

Do you use a travel agent when planning your vacation? Leave us a comment below. 


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