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The United Airline Fiasco

How we feel about United Airline flight delays while at the airport.

With a connecting flight in Cleveland, Ohio, Silke and I felt confident that we would find smooth sailing on our return trip to Minnesota from our stay in South Carolina. It was exactly that, smooth sailing, that was until we got to Cleveland and then everything came undone.

The skies were sunny flying out of Charlotte, NC and we were greeted with only a few rain clouds at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This didn’t seem to be of any concern at this point so we took the opportunity that the 45 minute lay over provided to grab a quick little lunch at the Sbarros pizza stand. We ate and walked around the complex to get a stretch in between flights. We returned to our boarding area only to realize that our flight had been delayed and was not expected to depart until 7:30 that night.

Our original boarding time was 4:50 p.m. We were suddenly faced with an almost 3 hour delay.

Flight Delays Suck!

Our United Airline Flight Delay

When we asked the flight attendants about the unforeseen delay, we were told that they didn’t know why.

This level of ignorance coming from the very people that we had entrusted our schedules to did little to calm our disgust with the situation. The general consensus is that the flights are being pushed back by United Airlines to get more passengers, thus trying to make more money. So with no reason for the delay, we settled into a quiet area of the airport to wait out the time.

While I mired in my own troubles I overheard the family sitting next to me complain that they had been at the airport since 10:00 that same morning only to find that their flight had been canceled (another United Airline flight).

It suddenly became apparent that our own situation could be much worse, and that a 3+ hour time delay was a inconvenience to deal with, but a small one at that.
We haven’t left the airport yet, as I am writing this from the concourse. I’ll keep you posted.

United Airline Sucks

We just found out that the delay has added another hour bringing us to an 8:30 departure time. We can only wonder how late it will get before they ultimately cancel our flight as well.

Hope you’re having a better day,

Nick and Silke Jager

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