Thinking of your next dream destination? Why not consider Nepal?

There are numerous reasons why you should go there for your next holiday. The mountains are inviting you to come by and marvel at their beauty at the same time experience the exhilarating high-altitude trekking and other challenging adventures. With these activities in mind, you will need a partner which is an expert at high altitude adventures. You might want to check out the website of Kandoo: to discover how they can help you experience the beauty of Nepal by exploring its vast landscape and the varied architectural styles and its strikingly distinctive culture.

Let these passionate trekking experts guide you through the heart of the Great Himalayas which is Nepal. Here below are the top five reasons why Nepal should be your next destination.

1. Explore its amazing hiking trails.
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Nepal? The Himalayas. Famous for its most beautiful hiking trails and some of the world’s highest mountain peaks, the Himalayas is sure to give you an adventure trip that you will never forget. Trekking for all ages and levels of experience can be availed by any novice or expert at mountaineering to marvel at the natural beauty of the mountains that Nepal brings.

2. Delight in its rich history and architecture.
Also known for its rich history and architecture, Nepal has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city of Kathmandu alone. You can find in Nepal one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Feast your eyes on the intricate woodwork and the striking architectural designs of the temples, monasteries, palaces and traditional houses strewn in the different regions of Nepal. Take in the splendor of these ancient architectural buildings amid the backdrop of snowy mountain terrain.

Travel tips for Nepal

3. Discover other challenging adventures.
If you think that the challenge of trekking is not enough for you, Nepal has a lot more to offer. There are numerous challenging activities you can choose from such as bungy jumping, paragliding or whitewater rafting. Nepal also offers extreme sports like extreme biking and zip lining with the fantastic view of the Himalayas. It also has one of the highest bungy jumping sites in the world if you are up for an extreme adventure.

4. It’s a safe travel destination.
Nepal is one of the countries where its people make you feel at home. Tourists are welcome even to stay at their homes in the quiet villages. People in town or villages outside the cities are extraordinarily friendly even if communication can be quite difficult as some or most do not speak English. Nepal is a very safe destination to visit as crime is said to be non-existent in
this country.

5. Enjoy its cultural and ethnic diversity.
If you are one who appreciates culture in the places you visit, then Nepal is the best place to be. The country is rich in culture and spirituality that you can find almost any major religion represented there. Most of the population is Hindu, around 10% are Buddhists, then the rest are Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and Jains. With the many religions practiced in this part of the world.
It is amazing that people are living in peaceful and great tolerance for each other’s beliefs. You can visit temples where they perform their ceremonies and monasteries where they pray and make their offerings. Some tourists travel to Nepal, not for its spectacular attractions but to seek their spiritual calling or simply immerse in Nepal’s culture.

If you are looking for a destination in all its complete splendor, try visiting Nepal.

With the myriad of activities and sights in store, you might think of coming back for more.

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