Traveling brings a lot of memories for people. Unfortunately for some, they do not have all good memories of when they traveled.

Especially when traveling with family, it can sometimes get too stressful when traveling with a group. But traveling with your family does not have to be stressful. You can enjoy the adventure as long as you plan for it. If you’re looking for your family’s next destination, why not choose one of the many countries that Asia has to offer?

Child friendly travel tips in Asia

Whatever activity you are looking for, Asia has a country for it. This continent boasts of pristine beaches, great hiking trails, exotic jungles, active volcanoes, and local food that will make your mouth water just by looking at it. Plan your family’s Asia trip by following the tips below and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Asia!

  1. Plan your itinerary well – you may be considering just going to one country in Asia or you might want to go to two or three countries during your travel. What’s important is that you have done your research and planned your itinerary well. Start preparing for your trip as early as possible, do your bookings early so that you can get cheaper flights. Don’t forget to research on the seasons of the country you will visit. You might think that you are going there to enjoy the beach and soak in the sun, only to find out that it’s the rainy season.
  1. Know what types of transportation you will be taking – some Asian countries have really organized mass public transportation, such as Japan, Singapore or South Korea. But when you want to go to more exotic places such as Bali or Cambodia, you will be dealing with different types of transportation. When you have finalized your itinerary, find out how you will get from one place to another. There are some tourist sites that may be far away from each other and it might be better to pre-book your transportation for the whole duration of your stay, especially as you are traveling with your family.
  1. Choose a good accommodation for your family – the great thing about Asia is that you can get great accommodation without breaking the bank. You can choose hostels in countries like Hong Kong or Japan, or because you are with your family, why not go for the luxury family villas Bali? These villas will surely be enjoyed by your family as they offer privacy and luxury for you to enjoy.
  1. Make sure all your documents, vaccination etc are up to date – you want to find out what the visa requirements are the country you are going to, how long you can stay there etc. In other countries, tourists are also encouraged to get some vaccines so that they can be protected from some diseases. Do your research so that no one in your family will be at risk. Don’t forget to also bring some medicines in case your stomach will not take some of the local food well.

Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are wonderful travel destinations, it is definitely on our travel bucket list! It would be amazing to be able to bring our grown children, or future grand-children, one day.

Have you been to Asia on a family trip? Leave us your impressions and/or travel tips below. 

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