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The Steel Toe Brewery Tour

Touring the Steel Toe Brewery and tasting their beers.

Silke and I ventured out on a Friday to the Twin Cities for a discovery road trip. We went to our usual stops which included IKIA and one of her favorite shoes stores in the Mall Of America but our intended destination that day was the Steel Toe Brewery in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Every Friday at 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. they offer guided tours of the brewery. I had written a post awhile back about Steel Toe but in order to give it justice, we needed to do the tour.

Steel Toe Brewery Review

Thanks to our Nuvi (Navigational System), we were able to find our way right to the facility. Once inside we were offered samples of their beers and mingled about with other beer lovers. With names like: Provider – a light Ale, Size 7 – an intense IPA, Dissent – a bold dark Ale, and Rainmaker – a refreshing red Ale, we soon had our favorites picked.

It was a size-able crowd and everyone was more than eager to get started with the tour. Jason Schoneman, Founder/Brewer, was our tour guide and once everyone had a sample beer in hand, the tour began.

Nick and a growler of beer from Steel Toe Brewing

Silke and I have been to the Schells brewery in New Ulm as well as the Leinie Lodge in Wisonsin, but what we found interesting was that Jason actually explained his beer making process in detail. Explaining the equipment and the procedure at the same time made for a very informative tour.

After some Q&A we made our way back to the front where we had a couple more samples and were able to make our purchases. With a ‘Growler’ bottle of Provider (Silke’s favorite) and two new t-shirts in tow we felt we had accomplished our objective.

If you are into micro-breweries or just want a good beer with great taste, give the Steel Toe Brewery a try. You will not be disappointed.

Do you have a favorite micro-brew? Leave us a comment. 


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