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The Seduction Of Summerville, South Carolina

Sharing our impressions of Summerville, South Carolina.

Silke and I have talked about living abroad as well as moving south from time to time. The discussions always hinged around the question: “If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be?”

The destinations have changed over time, but the underlying thought that one day we may make this dream a reality has always lingered. Last year we spent some time in Sarasota, Florida. We were able to stay six days at a beautiful resort right on the beach. Yes, it was paradise and who wouldn’t fall in love with it? To be able to wake up in the morning and walk right out to the ocean is almost too good for anyone to pass up. We decided the town and area were just right and this was where we wanted to be.

Reality Bites

The Sarasota, FL, area is nice but it wasn’t anything that we could obtain at the time. The housing market was way too steep (even after a housing bust) for us and the job market looked equally bleak.

There had to be a nice southern town with housing that was more in our price range.

Summerville South Carolina welcomes you

It didn’t take us long to discover Summerville, South Carolina.

The town of Summerville is located only 25 minutes north of downtown Charleston and has all the amenities a person could ask for. Every shop imaginable is there, as well as affordable housing and an ever expanding job market. Sought after by people who wish to retire, the state is on top of the list of financial magazines that rank ‘friendly’ retirement states.

Once I found out that I had an extended period of time off from my job for the Labor day weekend, we decided to look for travel arrangements to take advantage of. Enter We have turned to them on more than one occasion for travel itineraries and they have not let us down.

I asked Silke how much she was willing to pay and I made my own offer. After arranging for Lily to spend time with Mom and Dad on the farm, finding a shuttle service to the airport and making hotel reservations, we were in like flint.

After arriving at the Charlotte, North Carolina airport, we grabbed our rental car from Hertz. They’ve always provided fast and reliable service for us in the past and they delivered once again. We soon found ourselves ‘flying’ down the highway on a three hour trip to our planned destination of Summerville, S.C..

Housing Development in Summerville SC

Will our future home be in Summerville SC?

On Friday, we had an appointment at Miler Realty to meet up with our new realtor, Lucia Campbell. We were given the tour of Summerville. With so many houses, town homes, and condos to look at we soon began to feel overwhelmed. It may have been a lot to look at and take in, but the homes all seemed within our grasp. They were spacious and reasonably priced with perfect locations. It was shaping up to be more than we had hoped for.

The next day found us left to our own devices, so we set off on a sight seeing tour of the area.

One of the town homes that had appealed to us the day before was worth a second look. So we stopped by and snapped a few pictures. The roads we traveled were all very well maintained although a little more narrow than what we are used to. The trees bud right up to the roads in some spots which gives it a tunnel feel. Very cool!

Traveling the road between Summerville and Charleston SC

The temperature was always in the high 80’s with a slightly higher humidity then what we would expect back in Minnesota. We visited three different beaches, since it was a Holiday weekend the beaches were well populated. The water was bathwater temperature and a little murky yet a lot of fun to splash around in.

A gorgeous beach in South Carolina

One of three public beaches around Charleston SC

We always met such interesting people along the way. The lady that worked in the floral shop we visited was 88 years old. She stayed at it because she loved what she did. Originally from Germany I heard a casual conversation between her and Silke spoken in their native language.

South Carolina music in Summerville

Musicians in downtown Summerville, SC

The farmers market was a spot for more than just people selling home grown foods and crafts, but a platform for giving details and history of how they made and sold their products.

The Red Pepper Italian Eatery in Summerville, SC

The Red Pepper Italian Eatery in Summerville, SC

The local establishments were always welcoming and we soon found ourselves falling under the spell of a certain ‘southern charm’ that always seemed present. We found a few wonderful restaurants that are reasonably priced and the food was wonderful where ever we ate.

All good things must come to an end and we soon realized we would be heading back to Minnesota the next day. It didn’t seem possible and we both found this reality a sort of wake up call as to how we felt about the area.

We immediately formulated plans to make our way back to Summerville, SC.

Have you visited the Summerville, SC area? What were your first impressions? Leave us a comment below. 

5 Responses to The Seduction Of Summerville, South Carolina

  • This is about the same way my wife and I landed in Summerville. We were touring the coast of the South trying to find a place to put down roots. Something that we could afford and fall in love with. We ended up here and knew it was the place for us. We have loved it ever since. It was the perfect place for us. Hopefully you feel the same way!!

  • We bought a very comfortable townhome in Summerville SC in May 2013 and have been very happy living in Summerville. :)

    • I’m thinking of making summerville my full time residence in the next couple years. I’m looking at condos now to purchase. Do you have any recommendations of areas or complexes that are more desirable?

  • I’m not sure what the market looks like right now but I would recommend the Realtor we used while we relocated from Minnesota.

    Lucia Miler Campbell, GRI email:
    Miler Properties

    We no longer live in Summerville but we will always have her as a friend.


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