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Spectators At The Boston Marathon

We are excited to be part of the Boston Marathon.

When it comes to running though, I must say that a certain lack of ambition will always keep me out of the race.

Last year my family went to Duluth, Minnesota to watch my brother Joe, brother-in-law Curt, and nephew Kyle run in Grandma’s Marathon. I was in awe at the undertaking that all three of them endured to complete this race. Curt and my sister Stephanie had run the marathon a couple of years ago making Curt a veteran to the whole event. The training and commitment is truly inspiring.

Curt and Kyle at Grandma's Marathon, MN

Curt and Kyle at Grandma’s Marathon

Silke and I waited in front of the motel we were staying at to watch the runners go by. It was early and a little more cool than normal but everyone was in good spirits. It was the perfect location to watch. A Caribou coffee shop was across the street and the local radio station was in the Hotel parking lot giving a live feed to the event with a little background music for everyone. We didn’t have to wait long and we spotted Curt right away.

My camera shots were horrible as I was just taking the picture another runner made up some time and suddenly blocked Curt out of the picture!

Through the combination of missing the shot and wanting to watch him finish the race I started running after him to follow. This will forever be an on-going joke in my family. The mere recollection of me running down the street after Curt always seems to make Silke laugh. “What were you thinking? Like you were ever going to catch up to him.”

Joe and Kyle at Grandma's Marathon

Joe and Kyle soon came along. This was the first time they both had ever run a marathon and they both agreed to stay together.

With my composure and wits about me I was able to take a little better picture, and cheer them on all while remaining in the same spot. Yes, I had finally gotten the hang of watching a marathon.

Curt has run other marathons since Grandma’s and qualified himself to run in Boston this year.

I told him in Duluth that if he ever made it to Boston’s marathon that we would be there. It wasn’t but a few months later that my sister called to inform me that he had done just that.

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual running race and is held on the third Monday in April.

26,895 people entered in 2011 along with some 500,000 spectators. The Boston marathon is open to runners 18 or older from any country, but they must meet certain qualifying standards. To qualify, a runner must first complete a standard marathon course certified by a national governing body affiliated with the International Association of Athletics Federations within a certain period of time before the date of the Boston Marathon. The period of time is dependent on the runners age.

The marathon is still a couple of weeks away and the plane tickets have already been purchased. Silke and I will stay an extra couple of days to take in the sights of Boston as neither of us have ever been there before. We’re anxious to cheer Curt on and look forward to the trip.

Are you from the Boston area? Can you recommend any ‘must see’ places while we’re visiting? Feel free to leave a comment below because it is just that . . . free!

Have you run a marathon before? Please share your experience with us.

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