South Of The Border is a fond childhood memory.

If you’re heading North on I-95 in South Carolina you will begin to see a recurring theme on the billboards along the way. The message becomes one of familiarity with a location and destination that will make you want to stop and check it out. It is one of Nick’s fondest childhood memories from when he was an Air Force brat.

Welcome to ‘South of the Border’ between Dillon and Hamer, South Carolina.

Established in 1949, this rest stop for weary travelers and curiosity seekers has enamored visitors for decades. This rest area is little town unto itself. South of the Border offers motel rooms, banquet facilities, dining, shopping, and attractions that would rival any amusement park.

South of the Border in SC

Bumper Sticker

South of the Border Excitement

It was a fluke of sorts. About a week earlier Silke and I were coming out of a store and I noticed the bumper sticker on the car next to us right away. What struck me the most was that the South of the Border logo hadn’t changed a bit. It was the same design that had adorned my dresser while growing up near an Airforce base in North Carolina during the 1970’s.

Seeing that South of the Border sticker was like stepping back in time. Upon examining it closer I came to realize that it was right near Dillon, South Carolina. I had never given much thought to its location before, but I did remember going there when I was kid along with my parents and two younger sisters.

South of the Border Sign

We had to go to South of the Border.

It’s moments like these that I wonder why Silke would agree to one of these off the cuff flights of fancy. Whether she’s just appeasing me, or her own inner desire to hit the open road, it didn’t take much to persuade her to make the two hour drive.

Did I have any longtime desire to go on

the rides at South of The Border again?

No. It was more of a nostalgic trip for me than anything else, coupled with the fact it was the ‘off season’ I knew it would be pretty desolate this time of the year.

Southof The Border park in SC

South of the Border was bigger then I remembered!

Either the place had grown in the last 35 years or what I actually remember

was only minuscule to what was offered then.

Pedros Myrtle Beach Shop

Not that far from Myrtle Beach, a section of the amusement

park pays homage to the scenic coastal area.

Pedroland Park in South Carolina

A small moment in time with a memory that has lived on. If you’re in North Carolina direction or even just passing through SC on Interstate 95, it’s worth your time to have a look.

The Sombrero Observation Tower is over 200 feet high and its glass elevator gives riders a full view of South of the Border’s grounds as it glides to the top. A Reptile Lagoon, the largest indoor reptile display in the United States,  includes 15 species of crocodilians, 50 species of snakes and more.

Learn more about South of the Border including specials and upcoming events on Pedro’s blog.

Check out all the attractions at South of The Border

including Pedroland Park.

Could you live with yourself if you didn’t seize this opportunity? Wouldn’t your kids always be left to wonder what it is that ya’ll might have missed? As they say at South of the Border:


Mexican at South of the Border

Nick is posing next to Pedro at South of The Border

Do you have a childhood memory of an amusement park? Share it with us and leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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