Photo tour of South Caroline during the fall season.

It’s Fall Y’All! We’re enjoying our first fall season in South Carolina. Scroll down to see our beautiful fall pictures.  When we first moved from Minnesota to South Carolina I was a little bit worried about Nick getting home sick as soon as September rolled around. He loves the crisp, cool days, colder nights and brilliant fall color displays that Minnesota is so well known for, and that he grew up with.

It is early October and we have been very pleasantly surprised

with our first fall in Summerville, South Carolina.

With a mixture of pine trees, palm trees and hard woods in this area, the air has a very pleasant smell to it right now. Imagine the fresh smell of pine needles mixed with the sweet smell of still blooming flowers. The weather is gorgeous and there is even a bit of fall foliage to enjoy. The average daily high temperature in Summerville is between 77°F to 68°F.

While we were driving around looking to take a picture of a boiled peanut stand for another article (when you’re looking for something specific you can never find it), we ended up marveling over the fall colors and the beautiful lighting. Of course we ended up taking a bunch of pictures. I’m so glad we had our camera along.

South Carolina In The Fall Photo Tour

Fall Colors in SC

Its Fall in South Carolina

Happy Pumpkin in SC

Beautiful Fall Day in SC

Fall in the South

Hay Market SC

Horses in the Fall

Palm Trees in SC

Pumpkin Display in SC

SC Road in the Fall

Spanish Moss in Fall Tree_SC

Squash and Apples

Nick and Gourds on a Fall day

Summerville SC Church

SC in the Fall

We hope you enjoyed our photo tour of a beautiful day in South Carolina in Fall.

Fall is a great time to visit the state of South Carolina. It is pleasantly warm during the day and cool at night. The beaches are gorgeous now that the summer tourists have departed and the locals are as friendly as can be.

My concerns of Nick getting home sick were alleviated after this little road trip. Check out an earlier SC photo tour article: Summerville SC In The Fall

Do you have a favorite fall destination? Leave us a comment below to share it with us and our readers.

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