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Tony Roma’s In The Mall Of America

Restaurant review of Tony Roma’s located at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

We were flying out to Seattle, WA for the weekend and came to Minneapolis the night before so we could take advantage of the stay and fly package some hotels offers. Beats paying the exuberant parking prices at the MSP airport.

The motel we were staying at is very close to the Mall of America so that’s where we ended up for dinner. With seventeen restaurants all under one roof, we ended up at Tony Roma’s Restaurant. What made us choose this one?

Tony Roma Restaurant Review At The Mall Of America

Nick: It was funny, because on the way down we had talked about our latest Famous Dave’s experience. So maybe I had ribs on my mind.

Silke: Oh, now it all makes sense why you were willing to spend twenty bucks on a plate of ribs. I thought you were just really hungry. How were the ribs then?

Nick: I’m going to go with “just ok” and for the records, it was all you can eat ribs and yes, I was hungry. The meat was grissly and the sauce was nothing to write home about, my mashed potatoes were cold, and the baked beans tasted wierd, but like usual I ate everything anyway. Waste not, want not. 

Is it just me or did our order take forever to prepare?

Silke: No doubt, our waitress wasn’t exactly on top of things and it’s not like the place was busy. We ended up spending more time waiting for her than anything else. I think she disappeared in the kitchen to play with the cook, and you’re a human garbage can.

My Portabella mushroom and swiss burger was huge and tasted alright but the fries were cold and soggy. Overall what did you think about Tony Roma’s restaurant in the Mall of America?

Nick: I’m not planning on going back! The food was mediocre, the service was lame and even the beer didn’t taste very good. Maybe Mickie D will be bringing back the McRib soon.

Silke: LOL, I’m with you there. That’s the only way I like my ribs.

Our plates of food at Tony Roma’s Restaurant:

All in all, the food at Tony Roma was not worth a return visit and nothing to brag about. There wasn’t much for ambiance either. Of course, you’re in a huge shopping mall so you have to deal with over-excited children and their tired parents as well.  You’re better of saving your money by grabbing a bite to eat at the food court or leave the mall and find a restaurant nearby.

Let us know if this food and restaurant review has been helpful to you.

Did you have a similar experience at Tony Roma’s Restaurant? Please share in the comment section below.

3 Responses to Tony Roma’s In The Mall Of America

  • I went there with my fiance a couple of months ago and the service was so bad we almost walked out without paying. Thanks for writing this review, you guys are funny.

    • Hi Sarah, to be honest the same thought crossed our mind. I can think of a few other restaurants that could be in that spot, it’s weird they’re still open. We appreciate your comment and thanks for visiting. Let us know if you find out when McDonalds is bringing the McRib back.:)

    • Artlcies like this just make me want to visit your website even more.


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