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SpiritLine Cruises Of Charleston, South Carolina – Review

Review of the SpiritLine Dinner Cruise out of the Charleston SC harbor.

I wanted to do something special for our wedding anniversary this year so planning ahead seemed to be the best approach. We’ve usually traveled somewhere, but this year found us in a position that going somewhere far was almost laughable. We had just moved to Summerville, SC and the thought of packing everything up for a getaway weekend just seemed out of place. Then I found something that offered a quiet evening out with dinner and scenery.

The SpiritLine Dinner Cruise in the Charleston harbor. Waterfront dining on Charleston’s Premier Cruise Fleet. Scroll down for their $10 off promo code…

Spirit of Carolina Cruise Review

SpiritLine Cruises of Charleston, South Carolina, is located in Mount Pleasant.

Check their website for the daily seating schedule and use the following promo code to get $10 off one regular adult admission for up to 6 guests (excludes Saturdays and other restrictions may apply).

Promo Code – HVI

You must mention the above promo code when making you’re booking your reservations. SpiritLine Cruises offers a dinner cruise that takes you out into the Charleston harbor and around the area.

Here’s a blurb from the SpiritLine Cruises website: Delight in the views of the Charleston Harbor from the decks of the Spirit of Carolina. You will enjoy a three or four course dinner, prepared to order. With DJ entertainment, dance floors and full service bars on-board, your dinner experience will become an evening to remember.

Checking out this Charleston Dinner Cruise was a must.

If it turned out to be something really cool, we could always entertain guests who came to visit us in SC. What better way to really get a feel for the Charleston harbor area than at night time from the water way? The tickets were easily purchased on-line and directions were given as to were we could park during the cruise.

Reservations for two. We wanted to arrive early enough, because missing the boat seems to be the norm for us. Plane and train trips have had to be rescheduled because we didn’t arrive on time, or we almost missed it. These aren’t usually by any fault of our own, because we were dawdling or had the time wrong. Regardless an extra effort was made on our part to get to the cruise ship on time.

Charleston SC Harbor

Once we were boarded the waiting staff was readily available to take our drink orders. We were seated across from a very nice couple, they were from North Carolina, it was nice to be able to visit with them during dinner.

A larger party was adjacent to us that was celebrating a 65th birthday. This party had claimed several of the surrounding tables. They were a lively group to be around, making the trip that much more memorable.

Dinner on a cruise ship

Our drinks had arrived and as soon as the ship set sail the wait staff was eager to begin taking our food orders. There was a nice selection of entrees to choose from, and we all went with what we were in the mood for.

Good food, good company, and spectacular views. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the food was brought out. One thing was certain, we were not going to go home hungry.

All too good to be true? It almost seemed that way. Everything was perfect including the weather that opted to cooperate on this particular evening. We were being offered dessert when a hush fell over the entire room. It started from the corner in front of us and everybody was craning their necks to not only listen, but to see what was happening as well.

There, a few tables over, was a guy on his knee asking his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. Teary eyed she stood up and readily accepted. This was met with a room full of applause and the entire mood for the evening was elevated to a whole new level.

As part of the advertisement for this dinner cruise it was mentioned that DJ entertainment was provided.  This so called ‘DJ’ guy dropped the ball big time. He spent almost the whole evening on his phone or laptop. Playing music seemed to be the last thing on his mind and why he couldn’t have jumped in for the special couple who just decided to spend the rest of their lives together, we’ll never know.  It was the let down of the whole evening which seems rather sad, considering the extra effort the rest of the crew had put forth to make everything else seem above the ordinary. The DJ was a major let down.

Would we do the SpiritLine Dinner Cruise again?

“Definitely” says Nick… “Maybe” says Silke.

There were a lot of positives in the whole experience and if we wanted to take guests out for the evening it would make their trip to Charleston, SC, that much more memorable. Unfortunately all we can remember now, several weeks later is how much the DJ sucked.

Nick and Silke during their dinner cruise

Nick and Silke Jager

Have you been on a harbor dinner cruise and would like to share your experience? Leave us a comment below. We would be happy to hear from you.


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