Hand-tossed pizza and Italian entrees at Oma’s pizza restaurant.

We found this great hole in the wall pizza place called OMA’s Pizza in Bradenton Beach, FL, on Anna Maria Island. This little eatery is unique to the island as they deliver and stay open until Midnight. Oma’s pizza restaurant is great for a late night bite to eat.

When it comes to finding a place to eat while on vacation, it’s a good idea to rely on personal recommendations. You can look up reviews online, like our Caffe Zingaro review, or ask a local that has lived in the area for a while. Oma’s pizza and Italian restaurant has over 600 reviews online and most of the recommend. Remember, you can’t please everybody all of the time, but you can get close.

Omas Pizza and Italian Restaurant

Oma’s Pizza Restaurant is located in the

scenic town of Bradenton Beach, Florida.

While staying at a resort in Sarasota, FL for a week we were driving through the area one late afternoon and spotted the sign. OMA’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant was located only about 20 minutes away.


Since Silke hasn’t had an authentic Italian pizza in years.

I don’t think I have ever had one, I’m more of a Pizzahut guy, so we decided to give it a try. Oma’s Italian restaurant is a cozy little place with booths and hand drawn murals on the walls. It has a charming and authentic Italian feel. On the wall to the left of the counter are pictures of the “World’s largest pizza ever made“.

We were talking about it and wondered what it must have taken to bake a pizza this size. The Italian sounding gentleman behind the counter was quick to note that they had to construct the actual oven before the pizza was even made. No small feat considering this thing looked to be the size of a football field.

We found out later that the owner of Oma’s pizza restaurant is originated from Sicily. Nice!

Take a look at Oma’s Menu

We ordered our usual pizza toppings of ham, onion, mushroom and peppers, asked for our pizza to go and hung out for a little while. I

Making pizza at Omas pizza restaurant

Having made the world’s largest pizza is not only their claim to fame in the Guiness Book Of World Records, it also offers Oma’s Italian  restaurant a really neat angle for marketing their authentic Italian foods.

The menu at Omas Pizza Restaurant includes:

  • Hand-tossed Pizzas
  • Calzones big enough for 2 people
  • Appetizers
  • Large Dinners
  • Salads
  • Hero Sandwiches
  • and Desserts

Silke and I enjoyed our Oma’s pizza, the crust was perfectly baked and crispy, and it had lots of topping. We highly recommend this Italian restaurant! By the way, did you know that “Oma” in German means Grandma?

Do you have a favorite pizza restaurant in your neck of the woods? Leave us a comment below, we might want to check it out ourselves.

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