Restaurant review of Caffe Zingaro in Seattle, Washington.

Caffe Zingaro is a very small neighborhood coffee shop near the Seattle Center. We are spending our last few hours in Seattle, WA, drinking coffee in Queen Anne. Seattle loves it’s coffee, and so do we.

We wanted to bypass the over-commercialized Starbucks and Tully’s and find a more local shop around town for our latest restaurant review. Caffe Zigaro has been around for a number of years now. They offer coffee, tea and delectable!

What does Caffe mean?

Caffe is the Italian word for coffee. To some it’s probably obvious, but to others, maybe not. Caffe is making coffee with a traditional Italian espresso maker or an electrical steam machine. A Caffe machine pushes hot water through a steel filter packed with finely ground, dark roast ground coffee.

Do you make Caffe at home the Italian way with an espresso machine? Leave us a comment below, but for now let’s get back to our trip to Seattle…

Silke and Nick at Caffe Zingaro

Silke couldn’t wait to take her first sip of Cappuccino

Caffe Zingaro is Italian for Coffee Gypsy.

The coffee shop is on the corner of Mercer and Warren in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. Caffe Zingaro offers coffee, tea’s, pastries, chocolate delectable and sandwiches. We don’t know about the rest of the offerings they serve, but our coffee were very, very good.

Our stop at Caffe Zingaro in Seattle, WA, made for a nice break.

We enjoyed our Café Latte and Cappuccino. Didn’t they look beautiful? Nothing beats a freshly made cup of brew, especially when it’s served in a regular cup rather than plastic or Styrofoam. These finely made drinks didn’t just look wonderful but tasted awesome as well, with no bitter aftertastes like so many other coffee’s can have.

The front window of Caffe Zingaro overlooks the Metropolitan Market with a steady flow of traffic both on foot and in vehicles. While we were there, the atmosphere inside the café was relaxing with soothing Jazz music in the background and a steady stream of people coming and going.

Caffe Zingaro Queen Anne Seattle WA

Thanks to our Nuvi (GPS) we got frustrated looking for Cafe Vita, a place we had read about that offers great coffee and wonderful sandwiches. We never did find the one in Queen Anne, not sure if they moved or if Nuvi was messing with us once again. We’ll never know now, we have to be back to the airport in a couple of hours.

So many coffee houses to choose from in Seattle, WA. Do you have a favorite one? Please leave us a comment below.

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  1. Hi silke its been nice reading through your blog and just simply thought I would say cheers and wished I could write like that.

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