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Museum Day Live!

Learn about the Smithsonian Museum Day in Charleston, SC.

It was an offer that was too good to refuse. The Smithsonian Museum offers a free admission day in September. Museum Day Live includes three different sites to visit in downtown Charleston and we jumped at the opportunity. Silke and I picked three museums that were all within walking distance of each other right in downtown Charleston and set out to find them.

The list of museums included:

  • The South Carolina Historical Society
  • Gibbes Museum of Art
  • The Powder Magazine

There was no rush to set any world records here, and we took our time walking around the downtown Charleston area. It always feels like there is a hub of activity whenever we visit. The farmers market area had plenty of vendors that showcased their items and lots of food vendors to sample from.

Our first stop was the Museum of Art.

A collection of paintings and photographs from the past to the present were presented in a way that as you walked through the different rooms you were actually following a time line that brought you to the present. This was a very impressive collection and you could spend quite a bit of time in here, which we did.

Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery

The Powder Magazine was a short walk down the street.

This location was actually kept in tact from it’s original construction over 300 years old. The volunteers gave us the whole history of the building and it’s purpose. The building was used for storing the gun powder for the canons that protected the city. Very informative and interactive we would highly recommend this one for anyone interested in colonial history.

The Powder Magazine in Charleston SC

Our last stop was The South Carolina Historical Society.

This was a self guided tour and basically housed historical documents from the state. This would be an excellent resource for someone doing research.

Historical Society SC

You will never go hungry in downtown Charleston.

There are so many places to choose from that it may seem a little bit over whelming at times. We have both enjoyed eating at the Sticky Fingers Restaurant in Summerville, SC and opted to go with the tried and true for a change. We had to send back the ribs, they were way to salty for human consumption. Our server was very gracious and returned with a fresh plate of ribs within minutes. The loaded potato was awesome and plenty for a lunch meal. No complaints there.

We both still prefer the Summerville location, it has a nicer atmosphere and the banana pudding is way better. They make it fresh when you place your order. :)

The following was taken from the Sticky Fingers website:

Our award-winning ribs and barbecue are always what initially attract hungry diners to Sticky Fingers, but it’s the friendly staff and casual environment that keep customers coming back year after year. “We all love what we’re doing. In this business, you’ve got to if you’re going to stay around,” says Todd. Many of the employees who worked with Jeff, Chad and Todd at the first Sticky Fingers restaurant in Mt. Pleasant are still around today.

With so much to see and do in the downtown Charleston area you would really be hard pressed to not find something for everyone.

The central market street is in line with all the cruise ships that come into port. All the vendors offer a little slice of South Carolina to the people that might want to take a little bit of it home with them. For all the trips that Silke and I have made downtown we really don’t see an end to the list of things to see and do.

If you ever get a chance to take advantage of a free museum day you really need to do it. How else can you really begin to appreciate the place where you are unless you know a little bit about how it came to be?

Have you taken advantage of Smithsonians Museum Day Live before? Leave us a comment below.

We hope you enjoyed our Charleston SC museum tour and travel tips,
Nick and Silke Jager


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