Reflections after visiting the Leinenkugel Brewery in Wisconsin.

Last year our friend Mark, Silke and I started our annual beer brewery tour/camping weekend. This year we set our sites on Wisconsin and the much loved Leinie Beer. Their motto is ‘Join Us Out Here’ and so we did for their Leinenkugels tour.

Touted as the 7th oldest brewery in America, the Leinenkugel Brewery located in Chippewa Falls, became our spring camping destination.

We didn’t leave until after work on Friday and arrived at our camp site around 10 pm. After much trouble, and a midnight run to Walmart, Mark’s tent was finally set up and Silke and I were able to settle into our own tent.

Cooking with Kraken while Camping in Wisconsin

Silke and Mark cooking breakfast at the Lake Wisconsin state park camp site


Camping at Wisconsin State Park


Bear attack in Wisconsin?

Are there claw marks from a bear on this tree right behind our tent?

Saturday morning arrived gloriously bright and full of sunshine!

Mark and Silke cooked their ‘famous’ Kraken, Bacon, Potato and Egg breakfast, while I loaded the Nuevi navigation system with directions to the Leinenkugel Brewery. After ending up on the right street but in the wrong town, oops my bad, we got to the Leinenkugel Brewery just in time for our scheduled Leinenkugels tour.

Visit the Leinenkugel Brewery

Leinenkugels Motto: Joins Us Out Here

The Leinenkugel tour of the brewery was very informative and took about 30 minutes. By that time we were anxious to get back to the Leinie Lodge. We had so much fun we totally forgot to take pictures during the tour or at the lodge. Shame on use!

Let me tell you, the Leinie Lodge is a sight to see.

As part of the tour you get 4 free drink chips to sample your favorite Leinenkugel beer. Not only is the beer cold and delicious, you can also mix and match any flavor they have on tap. Wow, they came up with some very exciting mixes, like the Honey Bear and the Sunset Wheat. Intrigued? Head on over to Wisconsin and make the Leinie trek.

We had loads of fun, learned more about brewing beer, we toured the Schell brewery in New Ulm, MN last year, and tasted our fair share of the tasty Leinenkugel beers.

Visit the official Leinenkugel Brewery website,

you will have to verify your age before you can enter the site.

With the state parks in Minnesota being closed due to the Government shut down, now is the perfect time for Minnesotans to visit Wisconsin. Might as well go someplace where the Government actually functions on behalf of the people and knows how to get the job done.


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  2. Be watchful when consuming too much beer since it can end up in alcoholism. Ofcourse if you’re an enjoyer of life just like i am then you may not care!

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