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Learn German with language learning software.

After making my second trip to Germany with Silke and spending three weeks with my German family, it now seems more important then ever to get a better grasp of the German language. I have purchased CD based learning software that I would listen to in my car, but it seemed too easy to dismiss them after awhile. Granted one of the things it takes to learning anything is the discipline to keep at it. I soon found the CD’s redundant and just plain boring. It was time to take language learning to a new level.

I saw an infomercial for Rosetta Stone and felt compelled to at least try it. This isn’t a passive purchase, coming in at around $500.00 for the whole set of lessons. With that in mind I called the number and asked to be sent a demo CD-ROM.

Rosetta Stone German Level 1-5 Set

When the demo CD arrived I didn’t have the headset that was needed to do the interactive tutorial. I did however, have a simple mike and speakers that worked just fine. The demo gives you a quick peak at how they’ve laid out the teaching software.

Pictures used in conjunction with vocabulary, asking you to speak as well as match words and phrases. It was fun and I walked away feeling that I had learned more than just the meaning of the words. The Feminine and Masculine was casually introduced as well. Not too bad for just a demo CD.

While we were in Germany, Silke and I stopped in a local book store to ask if they had any books or material to help me learn some Deutsch. We left with another demo CD-ROM that is made by Digital Publishing. Like Rosetta Stone, this is a interactive CD-ROM and works best with a headset and mike. I immediately felt lost!

Learn Deutsch/German with Online Software

Thankfully, Silke was sitting next to me and explained what it was that they were asking me to do. I was being asked to complete sentences. This may have worked if I had at least a fundamental understanding of the language, but I would have been more comfortable with German Dick and Jane books (maybe not Dick and Jane, but Hansel and Gretel).

With two different language learning software programs to choose from, I’m now ready to move forward and make a purchase. I could look into other software programs but I really don’t want to get bogged down with too many choices. I’m leaning towards Rosetta Stone and maybe later trying the Digital Publishing.

Learn German With Rosetta Stone

Have you worked with either of these programs yourself? Let us know how it worked out for you. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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