Learn how to pack a suitcase like a pro!

It doesn’t matter how often you travel during the year, when you have to pack a suitcase it is nice to be able to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I learned how to pack a suitcase at a very young age, from my Dad. Growing up, my parents, my older brother and I used to go on several trips every year. The longest trip was always our summer vacation. Space was an issue since all of these trips were done by car, a very small car. Imagine trying to fit enough clothes and supplies inside a car to last four people for 3 1/2 weeks.

Before, overflowing suitcase – After, everything fits

how to pack a suitcase

Here are my Tips on How to Pack a Suitcase like a Pro:

  • Before you start pulling every item of clothing out of your closet, find out what the weather is going to be like at your destination and decide accordingly.
  • Bring clothes that you can layer and wear in different combinations.
  • Don’t throw everything into your suitcase helter-skelter like in the picture to the left, instead lay all of the items on your bed or floor, and start with the heaviest items first.
  • Spread out clothes like long pants and heavy sweaters and place them on the bottom of the suitcase.
  • Decide if you want to roll up or fold your shirts. To keep dress shirts from getting wrinkled you can fold them over a magazine to hold their shape.
  • Build one layer at a time and fill any small spaces with items like socks, underwear, ties, etc.
  • Place your shoes in plastic bags and don’t forget to fill them with socks, toiletries and other small items.
  • Wrap any liquid filled items like shampoos or perfume bottles within a plastic bag in case they start to leak. In the picture below you can see the bottle of wine we brought as a gift, wrapped in plastic. :)
  • Always pack fragile items in the center of your suitcase where they will have the most protection.
  • If you plan to carry your suitcase onto an airplane, use travel-size toiletries to save space (they must be 3 oz. or less). Remember, most airlines have weight restrictions.
  • Try to travel light, if you can. Usually, what you don’t have, you don’t need. For a house sitting job in Belize that will last for several months, Nick and I only brought this small suitcase and one larger one.

tips to pack

All these items have to fit in this small suitcase

how to pack a suitcase

All the clothes are layered and spread out

tips for packing a suitcase

Every item is neatly packed away

Packing a suitcase for your next trip will be easy as long as you plan ahead and follow the tips I have given above.

Once you learn how to pack a suitcase you will be save valuable time and space. Check out this article on finding a carry on bag you will love. It will answer all your suit case questions, like “Should I choose a hard or soft sided case?”.

Are you a suitcase packing pro? Leave us your tips and comments below.

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