We ventured out to hike the Palmetto Trail near Charleston, SC, take a look at our nature photos.

Conceived in 1994, South Carolina’s Palmetto Trail is the state’s largest bicycle and pedestrian project and when completed it will run from the mountains to the sea. The last few weeks have been hot here in South Carolina. We’ve had several days now were the temperature reached 100° F, but most days it’s in the high 80’s to low 90’s with a humidity of around 60%. We don’t enjoy being cooped up in the house and just like with the cold winter days in Minnesota, after a while you get used to the heat and humidity in South Carolina.

On one of these really hot and humid days a couple of weekends ago, Nick, Lily and I decided to go for a nature hike. We packed up a couple of water bottles, grabbed our point and shoot Canon camera and set off to find the Swamp Fox Passage, the first part of the Palmetto Trail. From Charleston the Witherbee Ranger Station Trailhead is about 9 miles north on US Highway 17, about a 45 minute drive from where we live in Summerville, SC. We were excited to be outdoors and to start hiking the trail.

Here are a few of the pictures we took on the Palmetto Hiking Trail:

Swamp Fox Passage Mile 7 in SC

Swamp Fox Passage Mile 7 of the Palmetto Trail

Swamp Fox is a 47-mile journey through four distinct ecosystems, the Swamp Fox Passage is currently the longest section of the cross-state trail. There are three trail heads, which means you can either do the trail as a three or four-day trip or in shorter sections. We did a very short section of it!

SC Hiking Trail

We were the only hikers on the trail

Nick and Lily on the Palmetto Trail in SC

Nick and Lily on the Palmetto Trail

close up of a grass hopper

Close up of a grass hopper

What do you see in this tree picture?

Nick liked this gnarly old tree next to the trail

Cluster of little pine tree on the Palmetto Trail.

A cluster of little pine trees

Close up of a dragon fly

A lucky shot of a resting dragonfly

small green fern with red pine needles

A little green fern surrounded by redish-brown pine needles

Small spider next to the Palmetto hiking trail

A spider centered in her web

Blue skies and tall pine trees inSC

Tall pine trees and blue skies

Not too bad for a point and shoot camera, right?

Our electric cooler kept our additional water bottles cold for us. Check out the reviews for this 12V electric cooler, it saves money and time by enjoying food and drinks on the go inside your vehicle . Unfortunately we forgot to bring bug spray. I ended up with a bunch of bites on my legs, they must think my blood is sweeter than Nick’s or something. Then, and on the way home, I found a tick crawling on me. I flicked the tick off while screaming bloody murder, pretty stupid since we were sitting in the car. Luckily, Nick found it right away, was able to pick it up and threw the little blood sucker out the window. My hero! Yup, we both had the creepy-crawlies all the way home.

We enjoyed hiking the Swamp Fox Passage of the Palmetto Trail and will come back to check out a different section in a few weeks. The next time I will not forget the bug spray, I promise, plus we will both have a camera to use.

Nick and I both enjoy photography a lot, we’re thinking of starting a real estate photography business in the near future, so we have recently invested in a used (new to us) Canon T3 camera.

What do you think of our nature photography? We always enjoy hearing from you so please leave us a comment below. 

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Happy Summer,

Nick and Silke

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    1. Thank you Wilma! :)

      I’m a little nervous about the ‘new’ website. Please let me know what you think and if you were able to find your way around. It’s still a work in progress… just because it looks good on my screen and makes sense to me doesn’t necessarily mean the same for everybody else. We don’t have a lot of pictures to showcase yet either since we’re still learning the trade.

      Your feedback is very much appreciated.


      1. I’m liking the new website! It has a very professional “feel”. One suggestion – add a watermark or copyright to all of your own real estate photos that you feature on the website so that people know you aren’t using stock photos.

        1. Yes, thank you Wilma for reminding me about the watermark. I do add watermarks to most of the images I use online but I forgot this time. I will take the time and fix this.

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