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Fundraising For A Mission Trip to Baja, Mexico

Fundraising for a mission trip to Mexico!

Our daughter needs to go on a mission trip in order to graduate her one year internship in Texas. Her biggest passion in life is to help others! Tanya is dividing most of her days between school and volunteering 40+ hours per week at the Global Expeditions call center in Lindale, TX. With limited funds she is trying to put together the money needed to go on this mission trip.

Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions is the only short-term missions organization with the three-fold focus of: TRAINING people of every age to effectively share the Gospel, IMPACTING the national culture with the life-changing message of Christ, and GIVING each individual missionary an experience that will change their life on the adventure of a lifetime! 

The short-term missionary is a fairly recent innovation in the global missions movement. Tanya’s grandparents on her Dad’s side spent several years in Papua, New Guinea back in the early 60’s. You can learn more about the mission trip to Baja, Mexico here.

Tanya will be a group leader and has to fund her own travel & lodging expenses to California for the two day training session in addition to the $725 cost for the mission trip and money for round trip airfare.

Mission Trip Fundraiser

If you would like to help make this dream a reality you can make a charitable donation at website page, or you can click on the image above to make a contribution.

No amount is too small or too big. All of the donations received will be greatly appreciated!

The first thirty donors of $25 will receive a copy of ‘The Life Book’ and a personalized Thank You card. Every one that donates $1 or more will receive a nice email message from Tanya. :)

No matter how small, you make a difference.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama

Thank you to everyone who has offered their prayers and support.


Nick and Silke Jager

One Response to Fundraising For A Mission Trip to Baja, Mexico

  • Tanya return from Mexico last night. Here is an update she posted on FB:
    Meanwhile in the US… I can freely drink water without getting it from a plastic jug and making sure non of the people around me eat anything local so they don’t getting parasites in their stomach. I can walk down the street and not get street vendors trying to sell me things to (feed their family?) and not knowing the truth. I can speak without a translator… This is weird…I miss Mexico. Crossed the boarder at 6:00 this morning.


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