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From There To Here – The Minnesota To South Carolina Trip

Moving from MN to SC with a rental truck, a little dog and Nick’s brother to help.

With a Budget rental truck filled with a handful of our belongings, Silke, my brother Ben, our Silky Terrier Lily and I set out on a cross country trip from Alexandria, Minnesota to Summerville, South Carolina.

Over the weekend, with some help from my parents, we had quite literally down sized our household items in a relatively short period of time. Monday morning we had what was left of our things packed into our moving truck. The house was cleaned and we were off to the closing. Once the keys were handed over we had become officially homeless at this point. What a strange feeling to not have the weight of a house around our shoulders.

With all of our ‘goodbyes’ in order we left that very day. Our first stop would be Sartell, Minnesota where we stayed over night at my sister Stacy’s house. It wasn’t a long drive but we got to get a feel for how the truck handled. It was nice hanging out with Stacy, her husband Curt and their son Kyle and daughter Sarah.

Tuesday morning we were off to Peoria, Illinois. Silke and I drove the rental truck while Ben drove the car with Lily riding shotgun. We did the math for the gas and figured it would be a wash with hauling it behind the rental or just driving it. Having it available to drive was nice. We could park the truck and find our way around town at night with the vehicle.

Ben and Lily

The Extended Stay America Peoria – North was by far the nicest of the Motels we stayed in. The room was laid out like a studio apartment complete with mini fridge and microwave. Clean and inviting I would recommend this place anytime. We ate at Wild Berries Restaurant that night which turned out to be quite a nice restaurant. Home style cooking with ample portions made this the perfect place to stop. The bonus was that we didn’t have to drive far to get there from the motel.

Wednesday found us in Lake City, Tennessee. The Scottish Inn was anything but Scottish. The Indonesian lady that lived on site helped us fill out the forms and then gave us the keys to a room that smelled musty and looked beat up. I think we all felt the same way the room looked. Before we had left Illinois that morning we thought we would top off the truck and car. The car went off without a hitch but the truck would only take a small amount of fuel at a time. You couldn’t just set the lever and walk away.

What we ended up doing was holding it so gas would pump into the tank, but at a very slow pace. It took forever to get $50.00 worth of gas in.  It was by far the longest day we had scheduled to drive and between the weather and busy roads we were all in need of sleep. We grabbed a bite to eat that night at the La Fiesta Mexican restaurant downtown then made our way back to the place we would hang our hat. Our parting comments that night: “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” We were actually very serious about that.

Thursday was a short six hour drive to Ladson, South Carolina. The Days Inn Ladson was a cross of the previous two motels we stayed in. Same layout as the Tennessee motel but just as clean as the Illinois one. We were ten minutes from Summerville and we met with our Realtor at the house that evening so we could do the walk through.

With the closing set for 9:00 a.m. the next day we thought we would take advantage of coming in early. We are sure glad we did, after having a first look at our new home our Realtor asked us to meet her at ‘Oscars’ for a few pre-closing celebratory cocktails and a good time was had by all. Poor Ben had quite the headache the next day.


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