Visiting the local Farmers Market in Summerville, SC.

One of the things I enjoy most when traveling is setting out to find the local Farmers Market in the area that I’m visiting. These markets are an actual true representation of the town and local area, as opposed to a strip mall or urban shopping center.  From local artists that are selling paintings and photography to the local farmers that are selling their produce, they all offer a little sample of the region they all live in.

From Seattle to Milwaukee, Silke and I have enjoyed the many different senses that are heightened when casually strolling through these markets. We’ve sampled authentic local cooking and local micro-breweries, as well as taken in all the art work that is unique to each city and region.

Most towns enjoy a seasonal, local Farmers Market and Summerville is no exception.

This Saturday morning farmers market did not disappoint us in any way.

From fresh garden produce to the local favorites that give South Carolina it’s own distinct taste. Local favorites are offered from Big Daddy’s Pork Skins to the Flying Farmer that sells grits and meal.

Flowers and fresh vegetables line the streets at Summerville Farmers Market.

The sights and sounds come to life with foods that are being prepared and readied for sampling.

The local artists at the farmers market have staked their lot as well and bring their craft work to add more of the local art scene to the market. With so much to see and do it would be hard not to want to capture this truly encompassing moment of everything that Summerville SC area residents have to show and offer.

If you really want to get a taste of the town that you are living in or visiting then I highly recommend these venues and taking the time to stroll through the local farmers market as a way to get the whole experience of the area.

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