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Camping With Coleman At Chippewa Park

Going camping with our new Coleman lantern and various other camping gear.

Believe it or not, my eight year old son Nathan has never been camping. We made it a point to take him camping before sending him back to his Mom’s. With a break in the weather we ventured off to a nearby county park near Brandon, MN.

Chippewa Park is surrounded by corn fields on one side and Little Chippewa lake on the other. There are a total of 15 camping sites without electricity, a toilet facility, a storm shelter and 2 beaches.

By the time we arrived early Saturday afternoon, there were only 2 open spots left. We pitched our three man tent at number 8 and headed to the beach. We’ve gone swimming at several different lakes this summer and the Little Chippewa proved to be the cleanest lake with the nicest beaches. After working up an appetite we headed back to our camp site for a snack.

I am a big fan of Coleman camping gear and each year I make it a point to add at least one item to our camping gear.

Shop For Coleman Gear

We own the following Coleman gear:

  • Coleman 4 person tent
  • Coleman air mattress with a Coleman pump
  • Coleman sleeping bags
  • Coleman stove
  • Coleman light sticks
  • and my latest acquisition a Coleman lantern.

Nick and his Coleman Lantern

The Coleman NorthStar Perfect Flow InstaStart Propane Lantern with Hard Carry Case is one of the handiest things I’ve added to our camping gear in a while. It’s easy to ignite! There’s no need to mess around with matches, it has an adjustable ignition and brightness knob.

At it’s highest level you can illuminate an entire camp site area with the Coleman lantern. We even joked about it being so bright that planes might mistake our site for a runway.  This lantern proved it’s worth during our first camping trip with Mark in Wisconsin this spring. We arrived late at night and relied on this lantern very heavily.

It was a wonderful evening for camping, with good food, fun stories and a beautiful full moon.

Of course, no camping trip is complete without S’mores and all three of us ended up with sticky fingers. The only downfall was everyone being serenaded by the loud generator that the campers at site number three felt the need to bring with them so they could watch TV. Is that really necessary?

All in all Nathan enjoyed his first camping experience, and so did we.

Do you have a favorite camping spot in your neck of the woods? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below.


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