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Camping At Hunting Island State Park In South Carolina

Hunting Island State Park in SC in a beautiful place to camp by the ocean.

After moving from the ‘Land of a 1,000 Lakes’ it would seem that the last thing we would be drawn to is more water. The allure that the ocean offers can be both calming and staggering at the same time. Once Silke and I had found campsites that sat right off from the ocean, we knew it was going to hit our bucket list.

South Carolina has over 47 state parks to choose from. #findyourpark

Hunting Island State Park is located in the lower half of the state at the end of Highway 21. With over 170 camp sites to pick from you still need to book your stay in advance to guarantee a reservation. The website that the state parks are run on, Reserve America, offers a calendar that shows availability and location within each park area.

Check out our short video to get a better feel for this state park:

Camping At The Beach At Hunting Island State Park


Hunting Island State Park

We had already scouted out the area ahead of time and knew where we wanted to be so it then became just a matter of finding availability for our selected camp sites. A minimum of a two night stay is required so with a little bit of wiggle room we got in to our ‘perfect camp site’. Once I had our reservations made I could hear the waves crashing on the beach and almost smell the campfire smoke. It was still over a week before we were going and to say I was a little excited would have been a major understatement.

I’m a camping gadget kind of guy. If there’s a piece of equipment or device that can enhance or somehow make the whole experience more enjoyable it has to be checked out. On the other side of the coin I’m also a minimalist. The whole point in going camping is to ‘get away from it all’, so why would anyone want to bring it with them? This camping trip was kept simple and nothing new was purchased for it.

Armed with only our Coleman tent and cooking supplies we ventured off into the wilderness.

Making camp at Hunting Island State Park

Strength in numbers. There is a certain amount of camaraderie that takes place while camping. You’ve basically created your own little living space in a designated area and you’re suddenly surrounded by complete strangers and unknown wilderness.

Enjoying our SC campsite

After setting up the tent and getting a fire started we were given more kindling and extra fire wood by our neighboring campers than we could have ever imagined bringing with for two days. You’re supposed to buy your fire wood and not bring any outside logs with you to the camp site.

Our can opener went missing on the second day. The cartoon of the guy stranded on an island surrounded by canned food while slowly starving to death came to mind, but we were surrounded by a group of people that were more then willing to lend us theirs. Caring is truly sharing!

Serenity At Hunting Island State Park!

The beach went beyond our field of view and you really got a sense of how remote it really felt once night came. A beautiful sunset was soon followed by the biggest celestial view one could ever imagine.

It was such an incredible view that we got lost star gazing for awhile. With our new stash of wood from the kindness of strangers, we finished the evening with sitting around the bonfire. Listening to the ocean while you fall asleep is probably the most relaxing thing I can think of next to a gentle rain.

Relaxing at Hunting Island State Park

Beach combing for two days, swimming in the ocean and star gazing at night flew by a lot faster than anyone could imagine. We were ready to go home and make plans for the next time we would be able to come back and visit. Early October was the right time of the year so we will have to definitely keep it in this time frame.

Nick and Silke with Lily at Hunting Island Beach

Visiting all 47 state parks in South Carolina seems like a pretty tall order (you get a free t-shirt if you do). I’m not saying that we’re not going to try, but I’m pretty sure it’s a distant pipe dream at best. Our visit to the Hunting Island State Park was one of the most memorable camping trips we’ve taken in a long time.

Have you visited or camped at the Hunting Island State Park before? Leave us a comment below.

16 Responses to Camping At Hunting Island State Park In South Carolina

  • We forgot to mention this in the article. If anyone is interested we stayed in the camping site# 38 which is just a few steps away from the beach entrance. Restrooms, showers and the park store are all within easy reach as well.

    This was truly a beautiful and very clean camp site and the beach is absolutely gorgeous.

    We hope you will plan a trip to Hunting Island State Park if you’re ever in the area.


  • I also forgot to mention to make sure you have your food put away at night. There were five raccoon fighting over Lily’s dog food that was left out. We were easily within five feet of them but that didn’t seem to bother them at all.

  • We just got our ‘little’ (1 minute) video put together. Enjoy!

  • Nick and Silke! Hi you guys. So glad to see you’ve discovered my secret away from the heavy duty crowds beach lol. Being going there since a lad. You should have seen the place in the early 70s, oh my gosh but was it wild. You could be on that beach all day and not see a soul. Still love it though and the folks who do go there are great. Looks like you’ve both are doing great in your new home and I’m mighty happy for you! Take care my friends…..till next time

    • Alastar,

      Thanks for stopping by. I can only imagine what it might have looked like even 20 years ago. Hopefully it can maintain it’s natural wonder. We’re hooked to go back.

      • Hey Nick. Somehow I missed the video earlier but man is it great to see and hear you guys. Your a lucky lad my friend! I’ll be coming by your site as a regular from now on and be careful in the Hunting Island waters…caught a three foot shark in the surf as a boy lol! Man those were the days.

        • Alastar,

          That’s funny you mention the shark. Their was a guy fishing that had to show us the one he caught. He kept it a little farther inland in a separate body of water. At only three feet it still looked formidable.

          You’ve been busy since we spoke on HubPages. I found your book. Very cool. We’re going to download it on Silke’s Kindle tonight.

          • Here’s another secret about Hunting Isle although the Park people will deny it and they may no longer be there. As that young boy I followed a canal deep into the brush one day. One could walk on the edge of the canal as it was about a dozen feet or so from the thickets. First came right up on a small herd of deer, then a baby alligator in the water, and then! unmistakable bear tracks going from the brush down to the canal and back!

            You guys are awesome for supporting the book and its worthy cause, thank you both a hundred times.:)

  • Alastar,
    We saw a deer and an alligator. Wildlife galore! Your memories of this place must be very vivid. It would have been the perfect escape place for young imaginations to run wild.
    We take turns reading stories out of your book every night and we’re enjoying it immensely.

    • My good friend you are one perceptive fellow. It was indeed a magical place. One more memory was walking way out a slender sand bar to fish, get lost in time – you know, what young teenage boys reflect about. On finally turning around the tide had come in good around me and bro what walk back though nearly chest high water!

      Thank you both so, so much for contributing to the cause and i am thrilled y’all are enjoying it. Till later my friends.

  • PS: I’ll be back ASAP to next read n view Museum Day Live!

  • Ya! You are absolutely right but I am always thinking about baby. Babies cannot be trusted to act appropriately in a wilderness environment; therefore you must keep them contained at all times. A favorite corral for me is an old playpen that will give baby the benefit of sunshine and fresh air. By the way, your camping set is awesome! It features a cool tent and some wonderful tools.

    • Hi Joe, thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment. Yes, bringing an old playpen while camping is a great idea to keep your little one safe. This way everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Glad you enjoyed your time there, it’s an amazing park that we’re proud to call our own!

  • Easily one of the prettiest places in the state if not the country!

    • Hi Justin, we totally agree. This state park is one of our favorites. We love to spend time here, especially in the fall, after the kids go back to school. It is so relaxing and beautiful!


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