A handy organizer while traveling and a great storage bag for home.

On the road or at home, this handy case will keep your gadgets organized. Here is an all purpose gadget case that will not only help keep your cords and accessories organized, but also ensures that they’re properly protected while traveling. Thick foam and individual pockets inside the bag will absorb shock and impacts. The durable waterproof nylon exterior protects your electronic accessories against spills, rains, dust, scratches.

This travel case by ATailorBird is lightweight and designed with a handle for easy carrying. I’ve had mine for a while now and store my odds and ends phone and camera cords, charges, etc.

This organizer bag is the perfect size to stow away in your carry on luggage. Besides electronics you can also use it for storing your medicine, a bunch of cosmetics, a ton of jewelry or anything else you want to keep protected while on the road.

As you can see, the padded exterior has a nice denim look and feel. It’s made of water repellent nylon, has lots of inside storage compartments and measures 11 x 8.3 x 3.7 inches.


Top View Of The Organizer

The top layer of this travel gadget organizer includes little pockets and zip netting sleeves. It has a total of 11 elastic loops and 8 mesh pockets. This great design will keep all of your cords and USB related items organized.

Elastic bands keep cords from falling out and getting tangling up.

Everything will stay in place even when the bag is shaken, even while the compartment is open. This handy organizer is perfect while traveling abroad to keep a spare toothbrush, comb, first aid items and beauty essentials in your carry-on suitcase. It has so many different uses, you might have to get more than one.

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The Best Gadget Organizer

The bottom layer of this organizer is perfect for storing your chargers and cords. It has one large mesh pocket for your Ipad or other electronic device and 3 adjustable velcro padded dividers. The bigger pockets are perfect for plugs, power banks, small tablets, calculators or slim P&S cameras.

With the padded dividers you can adjust the bottom pocket space of the gadget organizer as you need it.

Travel Gadget Organizer

This universal travel case is nicely padded and designed to fit all gadgets, components and accessories:

  • USB cable, phone charger, computer charger
  • Cords for chargers, USB-ethernet adapter, iMac charger
  • Headphones, wired headphone, ethernet cable
  • Mouse, plugs, power banks
  • Tablets, calculators, slim cameras
  • SIM cards, 9.7″ Ipad, Kindle Oasis
  • Kindle Paperwhite

ATailorBird, the company that makes this case, promises a 40-day money back guarantee on their gadget bag. They also have an 18-month warranty with considerate customer service.

Get your own ATailorBird Bag

If you’re tired of clutter inside your laptop bag, backpack or suitcase, then this handy case will be just the thing for you. The ATailorBird Travel Gadget Organizer is inexpensive, available for under $25 on Amazon, and makes a great gift for gadget lovers! 

This organizer is well worth the cost to protect the expensive products we all carry!

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