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Around The World Travel Tips

An around-the-world trip sounds amazingly fantastic.

Think about all of the places (and continents) that you can visit. In one trip, for example, you could take in the Louvre in Paris, skip over to Greece for a sojourn on their divine islands, then head to the wonders of Thailand before taking in the marvel of Tokyo—and then heading to the United States to see sites such as our national parks or Washington, D.C.

But an around-the-world trip isn’t just something that you can pack up and run to the airport for (unless you are really, really adventurous). You do have to do some planning, and probably some saving—both of your dollars as well as your vacation time. You may have to think about the seasons during your trip: Will they be prime for the activities that you want to pursue, or will you have to switch timing to accommodate your goals? This graphic helps you sort it out.

How to Plan for the Ultimate Round-the-World Trip

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There is an around the world trip itinerary for everyone from adventure seekers to honeymooners to first-time travelers.

These extended trips can be as diverse as the people taking them. There are two major factors that will influence your around the world trip:

  • 1 – The size of your budget
  • 2 – The length of available time

Once you have your budget and time figured out you will be able to start planning for your round-the-world trip. As you saw in the infographic, there are multiple ways to book your flights. Remember your one-way flights will most likely get capped, so plan head. Your airfare alone will cost you anywhere from as little as $1,500 to $10,000 or more.

After your flights are booked you can concentrate on the details of your trip. You will most likely need to obtain visas for several countries, travel insurance is always a good idea, get vaccinations ahead of your departure time and more. Be sure to have some wiggle room in your budget for incidentals like laundry service, money exchange fees for cash transactions, global phone service, international banking fees and any unforeseeable circumstances.

An around the world trip is exciting and truly a once-of-a-lifetime opportunity for most of us to see the world. Maybe one day Nick & I will be among the lucky ones to have been able to travel around this beautiful world of ours.

How would you plan your round-the-world trip? Leave us a comment below.


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