A summer road trip isn’t the same without Lily.

Taking a summer road trip to the rose gardens in St. Cloud, Minnesota with Lily our little dog. St. Cloud is the 12th largest city in Minnesota and is known for its granite quarries. The city of St. Cloud is bisected by the Mississippi River, and part of the Sauk River runs along its northern edge.

Lily, our Australian Silky Terrier, has been a member of our family for several months now. We bring her with us whenever we can, and lucky for us, she is a very good traveler. Unlike a child she doesn’t complain, ask how much further it is or wants the radio station changed because she’s tired of listening to talk shows on NPR. LOL

See pictures of our summer road trip to the Munsinger Rose Garden

in beautiful St. Cloud, MN.

A summer afternoon with Lily

We love taking road trips on the spur of a moment, especially in the summer.

So it’s no surprise that we found ourselves in St. Cloud, MN, at the rose gardens on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The Munsinger and Clemens gardens are a wonderful place to visit during the summer months.

Munsinger garden includes winding footpaths, while Clemens includes six gardens in a formal European style with American plantings and fountains.

The 6 Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud:

  • The Formal Garden – flowers with a fountain.
  • The Perennial Garden – flowers hardy to Minnesota winters with cast iron replica of a pre-Civil War fountain.
  • The Rest Area Garden – clematis and rose vines with one of the tallest outdoor fountains in Minnesota.
  • The Treillage Garden – an arbor trellis with a fountain under the dome, surrounded by four single-color gardens.
  • The Virginia Clemens Rose Garden – 1,100 roses including tree roses, hybrid teas, shrub roses, and more.
  • The White Garden  – inspired by the Sissinghurst Castle garden.

Take a look at our pictures and judge for yourself… of course our pictures don’t really do the gardens any justice. We truly enjoyed our road trip, spending time in the sun and with each other.

We simply wanted to share our summer road trip with you! Scroll down to leave us a comment before you move on. We would love to hear from you!

Silke and Lily relaxing in the shade

Nick walking Lily

Visiting the Summer Garden in St. Cloud, MN

Nick and Lily resting in the shade

Silke with Lily relaxing in the shade

Lily with her new hair cut looks so cute

Little Lily has been so much fun, we brought her little home baked peanut butter snacks, and love taking her along on our spur of the moment road trips. Like I mentioned before, our pictures don’t do the gardens any justice.

It’s a beautiful and peaceful area in the heart of St. Cloud, Minnesota. One that you should visit yourself, preferably in the summertime, in order to appreciate all its bountiful beauty!

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