The picturesque town of Monterey, on America’s Pacific Coast, is not new to tourism.

Monterey attracts a good volume of visitors every year. With its pleasant weather, beautiful views, spectacular nature, eclectic shops, and relaxed bars and cafes, it’s not much of a surprise that this coastal town is now receiving praises and clamor on social media. 

There’s something for everybody in Monterey, and in this guide, we’ll explore some of those options.

What to Eat In Monterey.

Monterey’s location makes it a seafood mecca, and that’ll be the staple throughout the area, but the dining scene is exploding! There are now fantastic restaurants of every type. Try and escape the tourist traps and embrace the freshness of land and sea at these great spots.


Ocean-front café, Tidal Coffee, offers exceptional pastries and baking from the heavens. The spectacular views set the perfect ambiance to ease into the day leisurely over a great cup of coffee, and the atmosphere is a jovial mix of locals and visitors alike. 


A renowned business directory and Monterey restaurant guide, What’s Up Monterey, recommends The Fish Hopper, on the Cannery Row pier. It’s a town staple and offers unbeatable views of the beachside. The menu showcases their commitment to sustainable seafood, which is simple, fresh, and delicious, but the steaks and pasta are also worth trying.

Delicious dinner choices in Monterey


Monterey Fish House is featured in just about every Monterey restaurant guide, and for a good reason. This quintessential restaurant of the area offers the taste of the coast with simple yet beautifully prepared fresh produce. They’re known for their “oak-grilled” cooking technique which elevates their modern interpretations of the classics.

Explore In Monterey.

Monterey is the perfect town to explore on foot or by bicycle. It’s worth renting one and taking in the magnificent sea views on a leisurely ride along the coast. There are plenty of quirky cafes, shops, and restaurants to stop off at to rest and for a change of scenery along the way.


The spa scene in Monterey is undoubtedly worth checking out and provides the perfect kickstart to a relaxing weekend. Try the Vista Blue Spa, perched high up on the cliffs, for its breath-taking views, or Signature Day Spa for its relaxing treatments.

Get Wet.

The bountiful nature of Monterey is best experienced from the water. Rent a kayak and glide along the jagged coastline, as you try to spot whales, otters, and seals. If that sounds too strenuous for your taste, a boat-tour might tickle your fancy, and is a lovely way to soak up the atmosphere in comfort.

Places to Stay in Monterey, CA.

The Old Monterey Inn, on the upper end of the spectrum, is a luxurious bed and breakfast, proudly owning  stunning gardens and spectacular dining. For those seeking direct beach access and nearby amenities, Monterey Tides is an excellent hotel offering decent rates.


No matter the purpose of your visit to Monterey, there’s something to keep everyone happy and engaged. Whether you’re looking to dine fabulously, escape from the hustle and bustle of life, or get adventurous – Monterey is the place for you!

Have you been to Monterey in California? What were you experinces? Please leave us a comment below. 

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