Healthy and easy to carry snacks everyone will love. 

Packing your own healthy snacks helps you resist the temptation to buy something unhealthy. Discover the best healthy travel snacks that are easy to pack. They are easy to pack, healthy for you and not only light in your bag, but easy on your waistline as well. 

Getting away on vacation takes us blissfully out of our daily routine. While this may be beneficial on stress levels, it can ruin a healthy diet.

Healthy Snacks For Traveling

The struggle with fast food and overindulging is real while traveling. Yet, you don’t have to give up healthy snack options just because you’re away from home. By packing your own healthy travel snacks, you can avoid temptation and keep your diet on track.

Let’s look at 7 travel snacks that are healthy and easy to pack.

  • 1. Snack Bars

One of the easiest healthy travel snacks to grab and go are snack bars. Whether you’re needing high protein or more fiber, you can tailor snack bars to your individual nutritional needs.

Plus, with varieties such as granola bars, natural fruit bars, and protein bars, they’re easy to mix and match to satisfy any craving.

  • 2. Fruit

If you’re looking for an all-natural snack to throw into your travel bag, grab a piece of fruit. Firm fruit will travel best, such as apples or frozen grapes. Or look for small bags of dried fruit for a sweet treat.

A bonus is many hotels offer fresh fruit, making it easy to grab a healthy snack for your return trip home.

  • 3. Energy Balls

For longer trips, you need something that’s going to help you feel full and keep your energy up. That’s why energy balls pack a powerful punch by accomplishing both.

Full of nutrients, they combine a mixture of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep you going. They’re easy to make at home, most requiring zero baking. Just throw them in a sandwich bag and go!

  • 4. String Cheese

If you’re taking the cooler along on a road trip or carrying a small lunch tote, throw in a few pieces of string cheese to cure snack cravings. This quick protein source is easy to eat and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Plus, kids love to pull the cheese into strings, making it a healthy family favorite snack.

  • 5. Beef or Turkey Jerky

For another filling source of protein, you won’t find a more travel-friendly snack option than a piece of jerky. Health-conscious snack-goers will love the grass-fed beef, turkey, or even a vegan jerky of choice.

  • 6. Vegetable Chips

Your mom taught you to get your veggies in each day. When you’re needing a portable snack with a crunch, vegetable chips give you a healthy option that’s mom-approved.

With varieties like kale, beet, or broccoli, veggie chips have that bit of salt and oil you usually get with potato chips without the fat and guilt.

  • 7. Trail Mix

For those who love customized healthy travel snacks, look no further than trail mix. Combining the crunch of nuts with the sweetness of dried fruit is a great way to get in both fiber and protein.

Just remember, no matter what combination of nuts you decide on, pick ones that are low in salt or unsalted.

Leave the Guilt at Home with Healthy Travel Snacks

Bring home the extra baggage in your luggage, not around your waistline. By packing your own healthy travel snacks, you’ll enjoy a stress-free and healthier trip on your next vacation.

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