Travel vlogs (or video blogs) have become quite popular on YouTube rather than using other travel content formats.

They give more real-life experiences, tips, reviews, and among other essential information about places you might be interested in visiting. Because of this, it is important to understand how to start your own travel vlog if you are looking to find subscribers. Below are 6 tips you can use to help you start your own travel vlog.

Be Patient

It takes a lot of patience and time to grow a vlog channel. Especially if you want an entire community invested in your adventures. In the beginning you might notice it growing slowly, but as the number of views will gradually increase each month and in the long run, your efforts will pay off.

Be Serious and Consistent

A travel vlog is similar to blogging and you need to be creative for you to earn money. Since many companies currently hunt for influencers who can create video content for their products and services, you need to be serious about crafting those travel videos. Create your own brand that will resonate with your viewers and clients. This will also inspire other people who love to travel.

Tips to creating a successful travel vlog.
Be patient, serious and consistent when starting a travel video blog!

Decide on a Niche

Before you start, you need to first find a niche that resonates with you. As a travel blogger, you need to ensure that your content is top-notch. Figure out if you would like to be a solo traveler, budget traveler, an entertaining traveler, etc., and produce content within your niche.

Reflect and Display a Unique Touch and Experience

While vlogging, the only way you can shine above the rest is through your videos. Try to display a bit of personality. Don’t be a copycat. Find a unique way of creating content in a style that will inspire your viewers. If you are creative and original, your vlog will grow fast.

Use the Right Equipment

The right equipment is important when shooting your videos. This can either be a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a point-and-shoot camera, a smartphone camera, or any action camera. Buy video gear that is comfortable to use. Many vloggers prefer to use two cameras: a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses for shooting the scenery, and a portable camera for vlogging.

Smaller cameras are ideal for vlogging in areas that are not safe and are great for adventures such as hiking trips, where you need to pack light. Your audio quality is also important, so choose the right microphone or attach a separate microphone to your camera for better sound quality.

Use the right equipment such as a laptop or computer with a fast processor to edit your videos for fast processing and ensure that you upload high-quality videos. Find more information about the best equipment on

Upload Short and Enticing Videos

Trim your videos into smaller-chunked segments if they are long. Short videos with clear, specific titles will not bore your viewers. If possible limit them to less than 20 minutes.

Before uploading, visualize your desired shots and videos.

Above all, try and engage your viewers whenever you post. If you share updates on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, also try and keep connected to them. Answer any questions your viewers might have to continue building a strong relationship.

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