The online food delivery services in Pakistan are booming rapidly.

With big players like Foodpanda delivering delicious food across numerous countries, more and more users are ordering their food online. Despite the widespread adaptation from the masses, many people are still not aware of how to order food from Foodpanda.

They also don’t know that they can use a Foodpanda voucher code to get discounts on their orders. If you are one of them, here are the five simple tips for ordering food from Foodpanda available in 14 different countries.

  • Get Started with Account Creation

Before you can order food from your favorite local restaurant, you need to create a user account on Foodpanda. You can visit their website or install their app on your phone. Once you do that, you need to sign up for a new account by entering your email id or phone number. You can also use your Facebook account. If you already have a Foodpanda account, you can log in to that account.

  • Choose Your Location

The best thing about Foodpanda is that you can order food from your nearest favorite restaurants, and Foodpanda delivery reps can deliver them to your house. Once you login into your account, you need to choose your city in Pakistan and enter your location. You can enter the location manually or drop a pin on the map to pinpoint your location. 

  • Discover the Local Restaurants

Now here comes the best part. Once you input your location, the app will present you with all the restaurants in your city that are registered with Foodpanda. You can rank the restaurants according to the distance, ratings, payment methods, specialty food, and discount offer. If you have a specific dish in your mind, you can input that into a search, and the app will present a list of restaurants that deliver that item. 

Once you find the restaurant you were looking for, you can add food items to your cart or food basket. You can see the final bill amount after adding all the desired items. But wait before you make the payment.

  • Apply the voucher code

If you think you are paying too much for the food, you can always use a Foodpanda voucher code to get more discounts on your final bill. After proceeding from the food cart, you’ll be asked to make the payment. At this stage, you can apply the promo code and voucher codes to get an additional discount.

You can also visit the voucher on the website first, choose the voucher code, and then order your food. There are numerous voucher codes for special conditions like minimum food order amount or a discount on particular restaurants. Whatever you choose, you can get multiple voucher codes to save money on your Foodpanda orders. 

  • Enter the Delivery Address and Make the Payment

Once you apply your voucher codes, you will be presented with the final bill amount after the discount. Now you can enter your delivery address, any special notes, or instructions for packaging or delivery and make the payment. Apart from online payment methods, you could also pay in cash while delivering at your home. Once you receive your food, you can rate the restaurant based on food taste, quality, delivery time, and price.

With these easy steps, you can order your food from Foodpanda and get lots of discounts at the same time. Do not ever forget to use the discount voucher code on your Foodpanda orders before checkout. 

Do you order food online? Leave us a comment below to tell us which delivery service is your favorite.

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