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4 Unique Vacation Ideas To Consider In 2020

Planning a vacation is one of the most exciting things to do in life, aside from the actual vacation itself, of course.

Traveling is quite a booming occurrence right now and it attracts more and more young people every year. One of the most popular travel options is the indulgence of touring the world.

There is no greater reward for a traveler than finding rare and exquisite places and exciting things to try in new places. For those curious and brave souls looking for mind-blowing activities during their travels, here are 4 unique ideas that you may want to consider in 2020. 

Taking photos while traveling the world

1.  Trekking in Ethiopia

Trekking is a normal thing, but with a stunning backdrop of the Ethiopian mountains, which is home to most UNESCO world heritage sites, then that is a different ballgame. Travel enthusiasts will definitely dig this adventure knowing that this picturesque country is becoming more accessible with more lodges in the remote parts of the country.

Travelers can trek with the help of camels through lakes of salt or climb the peak of Erta Ale to view a magnificent sunrise.

2.  Surfing in Nicaragua

If it is untouched beaches you are pining for, then Nicaragua is your place to be. Surfing is a staple in the pristine beaches of Nicaragua, where you can also enjoy the stunning Pacific sunsets at the mile-long Manzanillo Beach.

And where there is surfing, Surf Camps in Nicaragua dot its powdery sand beaches. This is where all the adventure begins while mingling with like-minded surfing buddies. When surfing becomes tiring, you can just sit back, relax, and take in the glorious glow of the sunset in the Pacific.

3.  Hot Air Ballooning Over the Namibian Desert

Remote destinations are by far getting the nods of modern travelers. Deserts, which are usually not prime travel destinations, are becoming go-to places for those really adventure-seekers. If you think there is no more to see than hot, arid lands of sand, wait till you see its whole expanse.

Ride a hot air balloon over a desert

Hot air ballooning over the Namibian desert is one great feat to do to enjoy the tranquil desert views and wildlife. Lucky for tourists because lodges are now built-in these types of terrain to enjoy the serenity of the desert.

4.  Kayaking in the Fjords of Norway

You don’t need energy-busting activities to experience a unique and fulfilling vacation. The beauty that you can take in along the Fjords of Norway is more than enough to take your breath away. Marvel at the postcard-worthy views while hiking or kayaking amidst the Fjords, which are one of Norway’s pride.

Be impressed by the snow-capped, rugged mountain peaks which you can reach by trekking along its slopes. Unwind by taking in the wilderness, which is the natural beauty of Norway. 

Finding unique vacation ideas brings traveling to a whole new level. Remote destinations that were a long time unheard of bring forth fresh ideas and adventure to the curious, passionate traveler. Who knows which path the feet may lead as long as the beauty and splendor of our earth are still there to inspire and marvel on.

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