When you decide to spend a vacation in Italy, visiting the Amalfi coast is a must.

The trouble is how do you get to Amalfi from Rome? You have the option of hiring a private transfer from rome to amalfi coast or use public transport.

Alternatively, you may choose to rent a car and drive yourself. The problem of driving yourself is that you may easily get lost. If you use public means, you will have difficulties in transferring your luggage to a new carrier. So the best option you have is hiring private transfers. In this article, we look at the benefits of hiring private transfers from Rome to Amalfi coast.

Easy Amalfi Coast Excursions

1. You get time to enjoy

When you hire a private transfer, it adds value to your holiday. You will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery while the driver controls the wheel. If you have a camera, you will have the freedom to take snapshots as you travel around. Also, you will not have to worry about GPS which may limit the things you may do with the phone. So essentially, it allows you to enjoy your vacation as you travel.

Note that you will get an opportunity to test world-class wines from Italy. This is not possible if you will be driving a car by yourself. So a private transfer gives you a chance to enjoy your vacation the way you want it.

2. Reduces stress

Getting to the Amalfi coast from Rome is a long trip that takes about 5 hours. If you choose to use public transport, you will board the first train to Rome Termini. From there, you will have to catch another train to Naples and then connect to Sorrento. Lastly, you will have to board a bus to Amalfi.

Alternatively, you may choose to travel from Rome to Salerno via train and connect a ferry to Amalfi. Any of these options will require that you transfer your luggage from one train to another. If you have a baggage, it could be stressful. And again, the ferry option is only available during the summer period. So securing a private transfer will save you from this stress.

Tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy

3. Getting Lost

Driving yourself means you need to get a driver’s permits from the authority in Italy. The process of securing these papers could be very stressful. Also, assuming that you manage to get the documents and rent a car, you would still have to drive yourself from Rome to Amalfi. It means that you must prepare yourself to get lost not once or twice but several times.

You will also need to keep your eye on the GPS which makes it difficult to do any other thing. But you can save yourself from such trouble by hiring a private transfer. It will allow you to travel straight to Amalfi.

4. It guarantees you a flexible schedule.

Private transfers allow you to determine your schedule. You can choose to travel straight to Amalfi or take rests and do a few things in various towns along the way. This is not possible when you travel by public means.  A private driver will always be there waiting for you when you are ready to proceed.

Obviously, you will enjoy your journey if you choose private transfer from Rome to Amalfi. The option allows you to have a flexible schedule and is inexpensive. In some cases, the driver may serve as your guide, and so you kill two birds with one stone.

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