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Why So Many People Opt For Cast Iron Radiators

Pros and cons you need to know about cast iron radiators.

Cast iron radiators have reined top of the radiators for decades and are becoming more and more popular in the modern world. A lot more people seem to be opting for the cast iron radiator over the traditional home radiator but why?

Cast iron radiators have so many pros and they are one of the most energy efficient alternatives which are one of the reasons a lot of people opt for these. It does make them very ideal and cost effective! The old cast iron radiators are being recycled into an eco-friendly version and reused when they would normally be discarded and melted down. These nifty radiators come in all sizes making them great for putting into a corner of a small room or along a whole wall if that is your preference!

Cast iron radiators when turned on are first warmed themselves before radiating the heat into the room. After sufficient heating of the radiator the warmth is then evenly spread throughout the room preventing cold areas.

cast iron radiator

These Victorian style radiators are great for the winter due to their heat distribution, having one in your home will allow you to benefit from an evenly heated house!

Say goodbye to that one cold room. Once the room is heated there is no need to leave the radiator on as the radiator has a lasting heat effect. The heat will simply linger in the room once the radiator is turned off leaving the room warmer for longer. This can save you a lot of money throughout the winter.

When buying a new product the pros are always the best part of the product but you should also be aware of the cons too. In this case the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The cons for your Cast Iron Radiators are that they do get very hot so if there are children playing near one you need to make sure that it is properly protected. Also if you’re redecorating your home and going for a very modern look then these probably won’t be for you due to their Victorian appearance.

They have a very old and antique look about them which makes it a very attractive buy for a lot of people, but not for all. So when you are revamping your home don’t forget to take a look at the cast iron radiator.

Could you imagine a cast iron radiator in your home? Leave us a comment below.

5 Responses to Why So Many People Opt For Cast Iron Radiators

  • Well I stongly feel that cast iron radiator is one of the best option in terms of heat radiation during winter season. I am planning to buy a cast iron radiator. But I wonder what might be the disadvantages of them,i.e.,consuming large amount of energy or something else.

  • Loved this article on cast iron radiators they are actually quite useful & turning them into eco friendly is a very good idea.

  • Very nice article about cast iron radiator and I was looking for such information for some days, thanks for sharing.

  • It’s interesting how you said that a cast-iron radiator is really energy efficient. We just moved into a new house and it is in desperate need of a replacement radiator. I think we’ll have to look into getting an iron one so we could save some money.


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