Learn what to look for when buying high quality food for your dog.

The pet industry is a booming, multi-million dollar business and it seems that every dog food company has something different to offer. From dry and wet dog foods, little dog treats, bones and even teeth cleaning chew sticks. With so many choices of dog foods it can sometimes feel like it all comes down to hit or miss. Every dog has their own level of digestion and personal taste so you really can’t come up with a catch all dog food that every dog will like.

Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural White Meat Chicken & Barley Dry Dog Food Review.

Some factors that come into play:

  • What your pet likes
  • Keeping your dog healthy
  • Affordability of the dog food

Lily Staring At The Beach

Lily is posing at the beach

What your pet likes will really be the first determining factor. If you can’t get them to eat it you’ve already lost the battle. Sure it’s good for them and you’ve shelled out a lot of money for a high quality dog food but if Fido isn’t digging on his dish then you really haven’t gained anything.

Lily chowing down her dog food

Lily loves her dog food

Keeping your dog healthy. Like humans dogs have up and down days. One day our dog can be running around the house like she’s heading to the dog track. The next day she’s as limp as a dish rag and is quite content to sleeping all day long.

After awhile you will begin to recognize your pets energy levels. If they have been down and out for a long period of time pet owners usually will look at what and how much their dogs are eating. Food left over or totally ignored is usually a good sign that they’ve grown bored with it or it’s making them ill.

The ultimate goal of the food you feed your pet is not only to nourish them but to keep them in top health performance.

Affordability. Is it realistic to spend more on your dogs food than what you spend on your own family. You shouldn’t have to go broke feeding Fido. If you’ve found something that your dog likes and it’s keeping them in good shape you will want to keep the price in line with your budget.

If you can pick them up at the big box chains or even your grocery store then your more than likely in the habit of purchasing dog food with your groceries. This only makes sense since your buying food for the ‘whole family’.

Lily likes her dog food

Don’t even think about messing with my dog food

We currently live within walking distance of a brand new Harris Teeter store. With a whole section of the store devoted to pet lovers it was easy to get Lily’s dog food along with the rest of our grocery purchases.

By using our store card we had become regular dog food consumers. It was a nice surprise one day to receive a free sample of the Beyond Simply 9 Dog Food by Purina in the mail. One thing is for certain our little dog likes variety!

Beyond Simply 9 Dog Food

Nice little kibble for little Lily

Who would want to be served the same meal every day? Our dog is no exception. She will be content for two to three medium size bags for awhile but then she let’s us know she’s ready to move on.

She will wait by her bowl to be fed, give it a sniff after we’ve poured it out and give us a look that says: “What? This again?”

The Beyond sample bag was big enough for two feedings for her and it was plenty for her to try it out. The size of the food is just right for her and she ate it all in one sitting. Lily seemed quite content with her second feeding as well. The new dog food by Purina was a hit and with other flavors to choose from it will be easy to switch things up for her.

Beyond® Simply 9 Ingredients List:
Chicken, brewers rice, whole barley, canola meal, chicken meal (natural source of glucosamine), beef fat, natural liver flavor, dried egg product, dried carrots.

Buy Beyond® Simply 9 Dog Food

No junk or fillers in this Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food, just natural ingredients, and best of all our Lily really likes it!

What do you look for when buying food for your dog? Leave us your comments below.

2 thoughts on “What Do Pet Owners Look For In Dog Food?”
  1. My dog has been eating the same dog food for awhile now. Every once in a blue moon she might leave some behind but otherwise he’s been consistent with his eating habits. Do you think that I should switch it up anyway?
    P.S. Your dog is cute :)

    1. Anita,

      Thanks for stopping by. Going back to the ‘If it ain’t broke why fix it’, train of thought, I would say leave well enough alone. Who knows, maybe your dog will one day let you know that it’s had enough and then you can move on.
      Here is a video we shot that shows Lily’s activity level. (On a regular day)

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