Transform a blank wall with vinyl wall art stickers and tips for this easy DIY project.

Our town home has a fresh coat of paint and we are ready to start adding more finishing touches to bring the living/dining room together. After searching online for the perfect saying ‘Happiness Is Being Home Again‘ we opted with a vinyl art decoration that can be removed easily without ruining the paint.

Looking for wall art can be approached in two different ways:

1) You know what you want and you can hunt for it or

2) You stumble across something and it just feels right.

This last option has usually been our own personal choice. It’s not from lack of imagination, but rather we’re trying to keep an open mind to different possibilities. All you need in your home to get started with this fun DIY project is a clean blank wall.

Blank Wall for Vinyl Art

It was a Pinterest pin that caught our eye a while ago, showcasing the vinyl wall stickers that were available for any type of room. It looked easy to apply and relatively inexpensive. The overall effect of the before and after pictures pretty much sold these stickers on the spot. We were able to purchase our stickers for under $6 on Amazon. (see link below)

Waiting is the hardest part. We had no idea it would take so long for these vinyl stickers to ship. It wasn’t until after we ordered them that we realized they were coming from overseas. Ugh! We checked on it every other day for the first few days and it seemed as though it had found a new home somewhere on the West coast. We gave up. It was a lost cause and we were ready to file for a refund.

Sure enough, the minute we left for our house sitting job in North Carolina the package arrived at the house. Now we would have to wait another three weeks until we got back home.

Happiness Wall Art

It was worth the wait to get the vinyl art stickers. Aptly titled, “Happiness is being home again”, we opened the cylindrical package right away and started to pull out the content. Two sheets of stickers, a vinyl placement sheet and color printed instruction in bad English. The clear vinyl placement sheet is sent with the decals so that you can easily remove the stickers from the backing and apply them to the wall.

Vinyl Wall Art

Once the sticky placement film was placed on top of the stickers we cut out the first tree branch we wanted to use.

Cutting Vinyl Wall Art

We didn’t tape the whole design in place while we were working on it.

Instead we just held up different pieces and visualized the end result. It wasn’t until we had the big branch stuck to the wall that we realized that the little branches would be ‘floating in the air’ on the other side. So we decided to use the door as a focal point and move one branch on the other side of it.

Once the backing is pulled off the stickers you want to place the vinyl art stickers in the desired location on the wall and slowly remove the sticky placement sheet (they can be used more than once). 

Slowly is the key word here! If you go too fast you are more likely to rip or tear the design. This would be easy to do with all the little stems and leaves that like to stay behind as we were pulling the placement sheet off. Learning as we went, we didn’t use as much pressure putting up the second set of stickers and the sheet came off much easier.

See Our Step By Step Photos:

Vinyl Art placement

Removing Paper from Stickers

Placing Vinyl Art

Vinyl Stickers Work in Progress

Placing Happiness Sticker

The finished Vinyl Sticker Wall Art project!

Vinyl Art DIY Project

The transformation from an ordinary bland wall to something more dimensional and pleasing was immediate.

We only had one branch up and you could tell that this was going to be something really awesome. Instead of over analyzing every sticker we put on we opted to just have fun with it.

Buy Vinyl Wall Art Stickers

This was a very easy DIY project and took us about two hours from start to finish. If we wouldn’t have putzed around so much and changed our minds a few times along the way it would have gone much quicker. At one time we had the leaves falling into a pile in the corner until we noticed they looked like a pile of poo.

The vinyl stickers seem to be of good quality and so far they are sticking nicely to the wall.

UPDATE: The vinyl art stickers were a great conversation piece when we had our home on the market to be sold a few months later. We ended up leaving the stickers on the wall since the buyer liked them so much.

What do you think of our vinyl wall art? We love the dark brown design on our green walls. Leave us a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Vinyl Wall Art Deco”
  1. I love this idea so much, and tree wall decal always makes the room vital and fresh. Thanks for sharing, and will keep visiting then :)

  2. Don’t look now, but I think there is a tree behind that door!
    I really like the look of your new art. The price is sure hard to beat.

    1. Thank you Wilma, I like it as well and smile every time I walk by it now. The tree is in our powder room :).

      I’m an Amazon prime member and find some really, really good deals on their site from time to time. I saw similar vinyl wall art go for $100+.

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