We found this amazing dog chew toy that is perfect for all the dogs we care take.

Nick and I have been care takers on a large property in Hawai’i for the past 12 months. Part of our assignment is to watch, play with, groom and train the property owners four dogs. When we found a pet toy that is virtually indestructible, and all the dogs (small and large) love to play with, we had to give it a review.

Enter the Holee Ball Dog Toy, a fun and versatile honeycombed ball with the durability you’ve been searching for. Scroll down to find 9 fun ways to use this amazing dog chew toy. Your dog will never be bored again!

Training Dog Ball Review

Holee Roller Ball By JW Pet Company

I spend a lot of time with the dogs… making their organic dog food, giving them baths, clipping their nails and of course playing with them. Zack is a full grown German Shephard, Beanie, the only girl, is a little Chihuahua, Choochie is a French Bulldog and the newest member of the family is Rocket, a German Shephard puppy.

You can see more pictures of the dogs on our Instagram page – The Jagers

Puppy play time

Silke is playing with the new puppy

Ideally, every dog owner should have a few different types of puzzle toys and chew toys. The dogs we care take have an abundance of toys from Kong toys in different shapes and sizes, to large herding balls, robes for playing tug of war and a rubber ducky, to name just a few. The one toy all the dogs love is this round chew toy with a bunch of holes in it by JW Pet.

The Holee Roller Ball is made of natural rubber which gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture. The unique open design allows you to stash small treats for hours of entertainment for your dog. This is a do-it-all multipurpose pet toy!

Rocket is the fetching the Holee Ball

Little Rocket is already fetching his favorite toy – The Holee Ball

Holee Ball Is The Best Chew Toy For Dogs Of All Sizes

  • Perfect for stuffing with treats
  • Fetch, tug, chew
  • Perfect teething toy for puppies
  • Wonderful training aid
  • Several sizes available (Mini – 6.5″)

9 Fun Ways To Use The Holee Ball For Hours Of Entertainment:

1. Buy a squeaky tennis ball that is slightly bigger than the holes on the Holee Ball. Stretch a hole to get the ball in and voila! You have a ball-in-a-ball toy that will keep your dog busy for hours.

2. In the larger Holee Roller Balls, you can create your own ‘hide and seek’ toy. Stuff soft toys inside the ball that are big enough to stay in the holes, but small enough your dog can pull them out with a bit of work.

3. Tie a long piece of string or paracord to the Holee Ball and drag it around. You can also attach the other end to a piece of ¼ inch PVC pipe and you have a ‘flirt pole’ for your dog. It converts the natural prey drive instinct in dogs into fun exercise.

4. Run a piece of braided fleece through the center of a Holee Roller and then tie each end in a big enough knot that the roller can’t come off. Now your dog can fetch, tug or chew!

5. Take a tennis ball, slice it open and put some small treats inside. Put the tennis ball inside the Holee Ball, when your dog tosses it, pushes, it etc., little treats will fall out!

6. Put a Holee Ball inside a Holee Ball. You nestle the smaller Holee Ball inside the larger one. You could even put treats or small toys inside for your dog to pull out.

7. Tie paracord with strong knots to opposite sides to give you and your dog ‘handles’ that you can use to hold onto the Hollee Ball. This makes it easier to play a tugging game with your dog.

8. Braid some long pieces of fleece, string a Holee Roller or two or three onto it and then tie the fleece together to form a ring.

9. Put your dogs favorite chew toy inside the Holee Ball and then stuff the roller with pieces of fleece or old clothing strips. He has to pull out the fabric before he can find the chew. You can also do the same thing with treats.

Zack is playing with the Holee Ball

Even Zack, the old man in the bunch, likes to play with the Holee Roller Ball.

As you can see, the Holee Ball is not just a rubber ball with lots of holes. Using a little bit of creativity and imagination this might just be the only chew toy you need to keep your dog occupied for hours!

Order Your Holee Ball

No wonder this is the top selling pet toy for dogs of any size. The Holee Roller Ball is non toxic, durable, made of natural rubber and is super-stretchy. Pricing starts at under $5 per ball.

Do you have a favorite dog chew toy? Leave us a comment below. 

2 thoughts on “The Holee Ball Is An Amazing Dog Chew Toy”
  1. I have a terrier, she looks a little bit like your Lily. I got her one of these balls about a year ago and she loves playing with it. My Lucy spends lots of time with it especially when I fill it with old socks and a treat in the center. Great website by the way.

    1. Thank you Drew! We miss our little Lily, but she is happy and loving life on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa while we’re on care taking assignments. Your Lucy gets to play with a great toy plus she has your love and attention, and the occasional treat to boot. She’s a lucky girl!

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