Coming home from work I found our free standing double bike rack had arrived.

The box was relatively light and I was anxious to put it together. The reviews for the double bike rack I had read online were somewhere in the middle. You either loved it or hate it. It seemed to look sturdy enough from the pictures but you really don’t know for sure until you actually purchase the product and try it out.

It was easy to assemble and I had it together in no time. Once it was on a flat solid surface I rocked it to see if it was sturdy enough to handle our bikes. Silke’s is an 18″ and mine is a 21″, so it had to be able to withstand a little movement. After a few adjustments of the hooks, the bikes finally looked normal hanging over each other.


Upside: It delivered what it promised and all in all I was pleased with the final result. The shipping was free and it was reasonably priced. Having a free standing double bike rack was perfect for our town home and I was able to avoid drilling holes in the wall. The rack holds both of our bikes easily without worry of it tipping over. They are identical male bikes in two different sizes.

Downside: It was a little tricky getting the bike hooks in the right place. One of the plastic ends was missing off of the tightening bolts so I had to hold it with the allen wrench to keep it from turning. Not the end of the world but it was nice for the other three to work properly.

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All in all I would say this free standing bike rack is a hit.

Having the bikes take up less space so we could reclaim our back porch was what we were after. This bike rack was build for one thing only and it’s doing it well.

2016 Double Bike Rack Review Update:

The bike rack has held up well for the past several years. We have used it for the past three years and don’t have any issues or complaints. It does what it was made for, hold two bikes and save you valuable floor space.

Do you have a double bike rack? How is it holding up? Leave us a comment below.

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