Are you ready to try a dark roast coffee like no other?

If you like a dark roast coffee without the harsh battery acid taste in your mouth, then read on as we showcase our newly found favorite brew. Let me introduce you to Downrange dark roast coffee by Scars & Stripes. This is the first coffee I can drink without having to add sugar, it is that good! Check out these tips for buying dark coffee.

Is a dark roast coffee stronger?

Dark roast coffee is not necessarily stronger even though it is darker in color. The dark color of the coffee beans comes from the roasting process and it doesn’t matter what the roasting level is, the caffeine level or strongness is equal per coffee bean. So if you want stronger coffee you need to either use more ground coffee or less water during the brewing process.

The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the darker the coffee.

The taste of your coffee is determined by the type of coffee beans you use and the way those beans were roasted. The roasting process will gradually turn from sweet tasting to burnt-like flavors towards the end stages. Nick is an avid coffee drinker and Air Force Veteran. Like most vets he enjoys a good cup of java at just about any time of the day or night.

So, it’s no wonder when he came across the Scars & Stripes coffee website, it felt like a match made in coffee heaven. This one of a kind coffee company has been created to empower Veterans of all military branches and let me tell you, they make some darn good coffee. Oh, and they also offer some other products like clothing, shaker cups and trucker caps, be sure to check out their website before you read on.


Kcups dark roast coffee

Downrange dark coffee is made with single origin 100% Arabica beans and

offers a wonderful note of sweetness and nuts.

8 Primary Ways to Describe Coffee

Bryan Haines from EnjoyJava describes coffee flavor in the following eight categories:

  1. Acidity: Describes the acidity (liveliness and sharpness) of brewed coffee.
  2. Aftertaste: The remaining flavor in the mouth once the coffee is swallowed.
  3. Aroma: This is the smell of brewed coffee.
  4. Body: This is the actual feel of the brewed coffee in the mouth.
  5. Flavor: Describes the characteristics of taste.
  6. Fragrance: This differs from aroma in that fragrance describes the actual smell of the ground coffee before brewing.
  7. Region: The country and area that the beans were grown. The soil and environment of the region will directly affect coffee flavor characteristics.
  8. Roast: There are five types of roasts: white, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. And they can be observed visually, with a taste and by smell.

The longer coffee beans roast, the darker in color they become, and the more the flavor and aroma changes. On the other hand, the longer the roast, the less caffeine and acidity they contain.  Take a look at our Tips for buying dark coffee to learn a little bit more about this particular roast.

Darn roast coffee in a fox cup

Nick and I really enjoy drinking a cup of Downrange Dark Roast Kcup Coffee in the afternoon. The exquisite smell and liveliness of this coffee is enough to keep us going for another couple of hours.

Downrange is available in a handy 12 cup Kcup box.

Scars & Stripes also offers Downrange dark roast coffee in single serve coffee bags that look just like tea bags. This is a really clever way for bringing unbrewed coffee along on your hiking or camping trip. They weigh next to nothing!

Scars & Stripes coffee bags

A 2 oz. sample bag of the ground coffee retails for only $5.99. All of the Scars & Stripes coffee varieties are also available in 5 pound whole bean and 1 pound ground bean bags. All coffee products include a roast date so you know you will be getting the best and freshest coffee. High quality coffee makes a great gift for any occasion!

Unlike most dark roast coffees, the Downrange coffee is not bitter at all and doesn’t give you a burnt aftertaste.

Why should you buy coffee from Scars & Stripes?

You should buy coffee from Scars and Stripes because the products are very good. Plus every purchase made through the Scars & Stripes website impacts an individual veteran. This will reigniting a sense of teamwork in the veteran with a mission, a purpose, and a community of accountability. When you purchase coffee through the Scars & Stripes website, 20% of your gross sale is paid directly to that veteran in earned commissions.

Visit Scars & Stripes Coffee Website

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