Trying out Ocean Kayaks and taking amazing underwater pictures in Belize.

After what seems like weeks of stormy weather and rough seas, Nick and I were finally rewarded with a calm day last week. Perfect for taking out the Ocean Kayaks and paddling to a nearby Caye in the Caribbean waters. Another fun day in Belize!

We are beginners when it comes to kayaking and have only paddled these kayaks twice before. We went along the shoreline from Steppingstones Resort where we’re house sitting to go to the nearby village of Monkey River to get a few supplies and to check on our car. Scroll down to see our amazing underwater pictures…

Ocean kayaks in the ocean in Belize

Getting ready to kayak to Monkey Caye

These Ocean Kayaks (that’s the name of the Manufacturer by the way) are light weight, pretty easy to maneuver and a ton of fun to explore in.

If you’ve never used a kayak like this, be prepared to get a wet bottom. I don’t think there’s any way not to get wet on a kayak, even on a very calm day. It was truly a beautiful day in Belize and it only took us about 15 minutes of easy paddling to make it to Little Monkey Caye.

Kayak the Ocean

Kayak the Caribbean Ocean

Ocean Kayak is the worlds leading sit-on-top brand of kayaks. Since its innovative debut in 1971, their kayaks are considered the most stable and safest on the market. Manufactured in New Zealand (Silverdale, Auckland) Ocean Kayaks are sold and used around the world.

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Over twenty years of proven ability, the Scrambler 11 continues to be the kayak of choice for paddlers wanting versatility combined with fun. Ocean Kayaks offer durable foam padded Comfort Plus Seat Backs to provide cushioning, support and 4-way adjust-ability for all-day paddling comfort. Made for any body type.

Nick in an Ocean Kayak in Belize

We made it across to the Caye

Trying out an Ocean Kayak in Belize

Little Monkey Caye

A little bit more about the Scramblers by Ocean Kayaks:

With its versatile design and molded in tank well, the Scrambler will give you endless options to enjoy your day on the water, whatever you choose to do. Just enjoy! It’s great on flat water due to its molded hull. Excellent in the surf, the Scrambler is light, easy to transport and store.

We certainly had fun taking lots of pictures above and under water while sitting in our Ocean Kayak Scramblers.

Silke arrives at Little Monkey Caye

Silke arrives at Little Monkey Caye

Little Monkey Caye Belize

The back side of Little Monkey Caye

Light reflecting off the ocean water over sea weeds

Light reflecting off the ocean water over sea weeds

Reef Fish in Belize

Sea Star in Belize

Mangrove in Water

I felt very secure paddling in the Scrambler Ocean Kayak! I went so far as to lay down in the kayak, first on my back and than I even turned over and laid on my belly, to take more underwater pictures with my Pentax underwater camera.

Laying in an Ocean Kayak

Taking a photo while laying in an Ocean Kayak

Caribbean reef in Belize

Paddling an Ocean Kayak on the open ocean is a great form of exercise and solitude!

On this calm day paddling on the Caribbean ocean of Belize we got plenty of exercise, sun and a fair amount of relaxation as well. It was a lot of fun exploring on and around the little Caye, and to watch the birds take flight as we got near them. We will be going on another kayak expedition soon, with underwater camera in hand.

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Have you experienced the joys of being on an Ocean Kayak? Leave us a comment below.

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