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We thought that giving the new Organic Scratch Grain Mix from Cluck & Co. might fit the bill. It turns out our chickens ended up having the last word when it comes to organic chicken scratch. It seems our girls are more fussy when it comes to food than what we have read on various online backyard chicken forums. Read on to learn more about this particular chicken scratch and to find some alternative chicken treats.

Inspecting the Scratch Mix product

Our chickens first reaction to organic chicken scratch

Hesitation on the hen front was the first red flag. Loren was the first one to see what I had brought to the chicken coop. She looked at the Chick & Co. feed bag for awhile without actually pecking at it. Interesting! Our chickens are very friendly and will eat out of my hand on a regular basis. For some reason they seemed skeptical of what I was offering.

The chickens seemed neither excited nor delighted to try their new supplemental feed!

Loren looks at the Scratch Grain Mix

If I were to walk out to the hen house right now with a hand full of corn kernels, the chickens wouldn’t hesitate to eat them right out of my hand. Interestingly, the Scratch Grain Mix does come with cracked corn in it.

I put some of the chicken scratch on the ground for them to make their own assessment of this new product and after careful inspection, they moved on. This wasn’t a good start. Maybe this was the wrong time of the day to try something new so I decided to try again later.

Bag contents for Scratch Grain Mix

Over the period of one whole week, I tried feeding them the Scratch Grain Mix.

At this point they wouldn’t even give the chicken scratch any consideration. I read that chicken treats encourage pecking and is supposed to help coax our free-rangers back to the coop. Plus, the chicken run addition was looking pretty barren with all the grass being gone. It would have been nice for the chickens to get excited about this feed. No such luck!

Libby views the Cluck & Co feed

A closer look at what’s inside the Cluck & Co. bag.

This supplemental chicken feed consists of whole wheat, whole barley, whole oats, organic peas and cracked corn. This is listed as a treat and is recommended as a dietary supplement to your chicken’s main food source. All the grains mentioned are listed as organic so the source is a good basis for keeping your chicken’s eggs organic.

Sample of the Scratch Grain Mix

Something that should be noted about our chickens.

We have learned over time that what other backyard farmers offer for treat for their chickens isn’t exactly appealing to our hens.

When they were younger, fluffy little things, we tried giving them dried grubs that were dubbed as cat nip for chickens. They had no interest in these worms at all. At the time we thought it was something that they would develop a taste for later on. To this day, they still have no interest in dried worms at all.

Are our chickens spoiled? We haven’t gone out of our way to give them any particular type of feed so I don’t know where they would have gotten that mindset from. I wonder why they can’t get excited about the Cluck & Co. scratch?

LuLu's Last word on Scratch Grain Mix

LuLu’s last word on the Cluck & Co Scratch Grain Mix

It was comical to see them all walking around the bag of feed with the same look of mistrust. LuLu cemented the thought by cackling at the bag before walking off. The bottom line here is that our chickens aren’t interested.

The Cluck & Co. has everything we were looking for in terms of an organic scratch, but ultimately the chicken’s choice wins the day. Our chickens weren’t impressed and so we are once again back to the drawing board of finding a different scratch feed.

Here are some alternatives chicken scratch mixes and treats:

  • Organic Layer Pellets Chicken Feed with Grub Protein – Buy Here

  • Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs – Buy Here

  • 4-grain Organic Chicken Scratch by Mile Four – Buy Here

Do you have a preferred organic chicken scratch mix or treat? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from fellow backyard farmers.

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  1. Update: I went back to Tractor Supply, where this chicken scratch was purchased, and they gave me a full refund. I tried a different one and got a way better response from the chickens,

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