Finally, a screen protector that is super thin, scratch resistant and truly easy to use!

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As expensive as smart phones are these days, it’s super important to protect the screen as best as you can. Sure, there’s ways to fix a cracked screen, or so I’ve been told, but why even go there. With this newly designed protector you don’t ever have to worry about it.

IntelliGlass is specially crafted to deliver maximum scratch resistance and defend against even the hardest bumps and knocks. It’s designed to have better scratch resistance than steel. Wow! What other screen protector can lay claim to that?

Screen protector by IntelliGlass

I was pleasantly surprised when I first received the package in the mail, it had some actual weight to it. I expected a thin envelope with a thin plastic screen, some basic instructions and a piece of cloth. This is a whole different form of packaging from what I’ve seen before and I like it.

Once you break the little foil seal on the side, the package opens up like a book and you will find an alcohol prep pad, a soft microfiber cloth, a little squeegee card, a dirt cleaning film (very cool) and the actual protector which is in a cardboard envelope and inside a protective plastic pouch.

You will also receive a pamphlet that has step-by-written instructions, a link for video instructions and a special offer to receive an additional intelliARMOR product for free.

Smart Phone Glass Protector #intelliglass

Installation of the intelliGLASS Screen Protector

The first step to the installation process is to wash your hands to remove any oils. Next, clean the screen of the device with the alcohol wipe and cloth to remove any oils, tiny food particles, streaks or whatever else might be stuck to your screen.

Take the handy dust removal tape and take off the blue backing. Lay the tape on the screen, apply a little pressure where it touches your device and peel off again. Quickly, before dust settles on the screen again, grasp the intelliGlass screen protector by the edges, remove the protective film, align it with your device and gently lower it onto the surface.

Once the protective screen is in place apply pressure on the center of the screen and run your fingers out to the edges. If you see any bubbles after that, wrap the cloth around the squeegee and push them towards the edges. Voila! Nick’s phone looks like it’s got a brand new screen again.

#IntelliGlass Smart Phone Review

Nick’s phone with the new IntelliGLASS screen protector!

Now wasn’t that easy? Best of all, no bubbles! I hate the little air bubbles I usually end up with when using inferior products. They are so annoying! Over the years Nick and I have used several different screen protectors. Right now we have two smart phones, a Kindle, an Acer tablet and a laptop that all have screen protectors from various companies. As a matter of fact a few days ago I picked up a new screen protector I found on clearance for the Kindle.

Let me tell you, it was a royal pain in the you-now-what to not just being able to figure out how to attach the darn thing, there were protective covers on both sides, but getting the bubbles out was impossible. I ended up re-applying it several times and now have bubbles, smudges and lint on the screen under the protector. It looks worse than before.

The Smarter Real Glass Screen Protector

  • SUPER THIN – Complete protection with the world’s thinnest real glass screen protector.
  • ULTRA CLEAR – View bright, crisp colors with maximum transparency and enjoy full touch sensitivity.
  • EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG – Specially crafted to deliver maximum scratch resistance and defend against even the hardest bumps and knocks.
  • OLEOPHOBIC COATING – Say no to smudges and fingerprints, specially formulated coating that resists all signs of contact with your finger.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION – Get it on perfectly the first time! And if it doesn’t, all the products are backed by world-class customer support.
  • SHOP BY DEVICE – Choose a protector for screens that will fit devices like Apple, Samsung, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Both Nick and I are very impressed with this screen protector!

It is not another flimsy piece of film, instead the intelliGLASS is a solid, hard piece of glass that actually has a little bit of weight to it. It absorb shocks, repels oil & grease, and you retain 99.99% touchscreen accuracy and clarity.

I wish you could see how scratched up and cloudy the old screen protector looked (it didn’t photograph very well, sorry).  Believe me, he needed a new one and thanks to intelliGlass the screen protector will now probably outlive the phone.

Buy Your Own IntelliGlass

Have you used one of the intelliArmor products before? Leave us a comment below.

This product was provided to us, at no cost, by the maker of this product for the sole purpose of product testing. We did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. We only review products that we have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are our own. – Nick and Silke Jager

4 thoughts on “Hardened Glass Screen Protector Review #intelliGLASS”
  1. My screens are always full of food crumbs and lattes! What a pain. I really need to protect my phone because if I stay out of touch with my peeps for even a day I’m like completely lost.

    1. Hi Krista, it sounds like you really need one of these protectors for your phone.

      Hey, buy one for yourself and then you can get another intelliglass for one of your friends. All you have to do is leave a review. How sweet is that?

  2. Nice review! No bubbles and it was easy to do sounds good to me. The picture of Nick’s phone doesn’t really show the protective screen very good though. I follow your link and went to the website, the price is decent so I might order one for my iPad soon. I have to wait for my next payday.

    1. Hi Bob, Sorry the picture of Nick’s phone with the screen protector didn’t turn out better. I was just trying to make a point of there not being any bubbles.

      If I had an iPad I would definitely buy one to protect my investment. Let us know what you think once you have it in hand. Hope you get paid soon. :)

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