Keeping your grill clean is important for both the life of your grill and the taste of your food.

If you look out the window at your grill and see that’s it’s still buried in snow, it isn’t too hard to recall the memory of actually being able to enjoy spending time outside and listening to your food sizzle on the grill. Whether your entertaining guests or just spending some quality time outdoors, the grill and a good BBQ grill brush are the mainstay for backyard fun.

For as much as we depend on our outdoor cooking equipment shouldn’t we use a little extra care to take care of the grill? The stainless steel grill brush from Zulay Kitchen you see hanging off our grill in the picture below is the right tool for the job. Learn how to grill the perfect steak every single time.

Jagerfoods Grill and the Zulay Kitchen Grill Brush

Zulay Kitchen’s BBQ Grill Brush

We had a chance to try out this essentail grilling tool on our own stainless steel grill. The results were astounding!

Not only did it make cleaning up our grill grates easier, it also made cleaning up the grill brush easy as well. To keep the rest of your stainless steel grill looking like new we recommend using Sprayway’s Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Most grill brushes collect food particles inside the brush, making them unsanitary, disgusting to look at and smelly. By having an open back, the Zulay Kitchen’s grill brush allows for an easy clean up with no food or particle build up!

Grill Brush Comparison

Other great attributes of the Zulay Kitchen BBQ Grill Brush include:

Effortlessly clean your barbecue grill in seconds: No more cleaning your BBQ while your friends and/or family are enjoying the party without you. With this stainless steel grill brush you’re able to cover more surface area than with normal grill brushes because it has 3 brushes in one.

You’ll be done cleaning your grill in a snap and be able to get back to the fun.

Safe for all grills and grates: No more worries about ruining your new grill, you can use as much elbow grease as you want without any worries. This brush has been tested on all types of grills. It works for all types like charcoal, gas, smoker, ceramic, infrared and all others.

No more messy, disgusting looking grill grates!

No burnt hands with this brush: This barbecue grill brush was designed at the perfect length of 18” and made with a heat resistant ergonomic handle to keep your hands safe and well out of the heat while still giving you complete control of the brush. Because of the extended length of the bristled head you’re also easily able to get those hard to reach areas inside your grill.

Zulay Kitchen BBQ Grill Brush

High quality stainless steel bristles: The stainless steel grill brush removes food, grease and other debris from your grill grates without damaging or scratching the surface. This grill brush is made with very high quality stainless steel bristles that are extra thick to have a longer life.

Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarntee: If you’re not 100% satisfied don’t hesitate to contact Zulay Kitchen. As a family owned company they care that every single one of their customers are happy and are always looking to improve.

Please be sure to register your grill brush at

My final thoughts on this grill cleaning brush.

This is without a doubt one of the nicest grill brushes that I’ve ever used. It is sturdy, easy to hold and guaranteed built to last. I am always looking for an opportunity to use our grill and so it only makes sense to give it a little extra “love” when it comes to maintaining it. Doesn’t your grill deserve the same?

For under $9 this grill brush from Zulay Kitchen makes a great house warming gift idea! I bet any grill masters, your neighbors, co-workers and friends, would love to get their hands on this great grill cleaning tool.

What’s your favorite food that leaves a mess on the grill? Leave us a comment.

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